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The IEEE Control Systems Society History Committee

Original Author: Linda Bushnell ( bushnell@ee.washington.edu)
Current Author: Danny Abramovitch ( )
Created: March 1998 ; Last Updated:



The Control Systems Society History Committee organizes special history sessions at the CDC and ACC conferences, conducts interviews of distinguished researchers in the controls area, plans events and publications to mark significant anniversaries, promotes the use of history in education, training and professional development, encourages donation of personal papers to appropriate archives, and is the Control System Society's contact to the IEEE History Center. We welcome new members and new ideas for future activities.

Video Taped Interviews:

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Video Taped Lectures/Plenary Sessions/Events:

To order video tapes of interviews, please contact the IEEE History Center

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Planned Activities:

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Past Activities:

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Dr. Daniel Abramovitch, Agilent Laboratories, Chairperson ()
Dr. Linda Bushnell, University of Washington ( bushnell@ee.washington.edu)
Dr. Stuart Bennett, Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield .
Dr. Dennis Bernstein, University of Michigan ( dsbaero@umich.edu)
Professor Peter Dorato, University of New Mexico
Professor Emeritus Gene Franklin, Stanford University
Professor Carroll D. Johnson, University of Alabama at Huntsville ( johnson@ece.uah.edu)
Professor Mark Nagurka, Marquette University ( mark.nagurka@marquette.edu )
Professor Ed Yaz, Chair, Marquette University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ( Edwin.Yaz@mu.edu)

Dr. Kent H. Lundberg, Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( Kent's email address)

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A brief list of resources pertaining to the history of feedback and control are compiled on a separate page. We welcome any suggestions or additions to this list.

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Danny Abramovitch ( danny@labs.agilent.com)