Danny Abramovitch

You can reach me at:

Phone: (408) 553-7906
Fax: (408) 553-3614
Address: Agilent Labs
5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., MS: 54U-SB
Santa Clara, CA. 95051

I am an engineer working on research in nanomeasurements and tools at Agilent Labs. Until March, 2000, I was working at HP Labs on computer storage systems. Below are samples of work that I have done in both of these areas.

Disclaimer: The information on these pages relates to my professional and personal interests. While work such as the technical papers listed here may have been done while at Agilent/HP, the opinions listed here are my own and are statistically independent from those of my employer. In other words, don't get mad at Agilent if you something I say in here disagrees with you.

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