jun2000  !@#$%?*weather
may2000  !@#$%?*weather
jul2000  "A wise man once said"
jul2000  "Besig"
feb2000  "cactus stamps"
mar2000  "cactus stamps"
feb2000  "cactusman" from Croatia / foreign languages
aug2000  "Debate..." / style / cacti_etc
sep2000  "Ferocactus" lindsayi
aug2000  "Flaming" and "varmints"
dec2000  "H. margaritifera v. beukmanii"
jun2000  "Miami" form or just a lameri gone berserk?
aug2000  "OSWALD"
mar2000  "Poisonous" needles?
jun2000  "Puma clavariodes"
feb2000  "Rush and publish..."
feb2000  "Rush and publish..." - (was: Busy Gerhard Koehres)
sep2000  "women names" site update
aug2000  'Austrocylindropuntia malyanus'
jun2000  'CCI' and Cactus Names
feb2000  'Collector Types'
mar2000  'Collector Types'
jun2000  'Puna'
jun2000  'Puna' clavariodes
jan2000  (bez tematu)
jul2000  (geen onderwerp)
mar2000  (geen onderwerp)
apr2000  (now off-topic) Re: Succulent Orchids
oct2000  (Re-)introducing myself
jul2000  (Re: Eriosyce laui (Copiapoa))
aug2000  (sans sujet)
jul2000  (sans sujet)
sep2000  (sans sujet)
apr2000  (was Re: Politics) Please Read!! New GREAT e-group!!
sep2000  ) Re: Gymnocalycium mihanovichii cv. 'rubrum'
jan2000  - Echinocactus Grusoni
jan2000  -I have sources and information
aug2000  ....
aug2000  1 more response to cultivar/sport
apr2000  100's of flowers on echinocereus triglochidiatus
jul2000  11' 6" Ferocactus Wislizenii
jul2000  12 Lines
aug2000  12th Eastern C&S Conference
feb2000  12th Eastern Regional Conference, 8/25-27/00
aug2000  15th Annual Inter-City Show
may2000  17th Annual Show & Sale
jan2000  1st collected cactus
jan2000  2000 Seed Lists
jun2000  26e IOS Congres March 2000 .. request
may2000  26e IOS Congres March 2000 .. request
may2000  3-D Saguaro National Park
jun2000  35th Annual CSSA Cactus and Succulent Show and Sale
feb2000  3rd SE Conference
mar2000  3rd SE Conference
feb2000  3rd type of collector?
mar2000  3rd type of collector?
aug2000  409
aug2000  409 and mealies
jun2000  409 and mealies
jun2000  4th of July
sep2000  5 inch plastic pots
apr2000  7th International Conference Cities & Ports
aug2000  : RE: Dudleya
jan2000  :Re: taxonomy & Asclepiads cont.
sep2000  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?D=EDa_Feliz_De_la_Independencia=2C_M=E9jico!?=
aug2000  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Osnabr=FCck?=
jul2000  ?s answered
dec2000  A Big Thank you
jan2000  a bit off topic, but what the hey...
jul2000  a Bud !! Leuchtenbergia principis
jul2000  A Bud!!!
apr2000  A Constant Reply
may2000  A couple of nice cacti
aug2000  A couple of reds
jul2000  a FAQ ???  (was Re: Questions ... answers)
feb2000  A few questions from a beginner.
jan2000  A few questions from a beginner.
aug2000  A gentle researcher and his happy interlocutor
aug2000  A good formula
jul2000  a good formula
aug2000  a good formula?
jul2000  a good formula?
feb2000  a little help from my friends
mar2000  a little help from my friends
feb2000  a little off topic
oct2000  a miniature gem
jun2000  A new book
nov2000  A new look
oct2000  A new look
jul2000  a new member
may2000  a new slug and snail bait
may2000  A prickly tale
apr2000  a question
may2000  A real thrill
dec2000  A recenrt photo of Horst Kuenzler
nov2000  A recenrt photo of Horst Kuenzler
may2000  A short Chronicle of the IOS
jul2000  A special urgent request.
jan2000  a theory about light levels
jul2000  A very large Scleocactus
jul2000  A very large Sclerocactus
aug2000  A world out there
jun2000  A. agavoides
feb2000  A. Shergin
aug2000  A. williamsonii
oct2000  about cooperation with foreign colleagues
sep2000  about exotic forms of cacti
aug2000  About subject line
jul2000  Abromeitiella cuttings?
jun2000  Acanthocereus
jun2000  Acanthocereus pentagonas
jun2000  Acantohocereus pentagonus
aug2000  Ad Hominem attack on Ed Rashed
aug2000  Ad Hominem attack on Willy V.
jul2000  ad infinitum, Rebutia/Sulco
jul2000  addition in vitro list
oct2000  address
may2000  Address changes
jul2000  Addresses
dec2000  Adenia globosa
nov2000  Adenia globosa
dec2000  Adenia globosa propagation
nov2000  Adenia globosa propagation
jun2000  Adenia with variegated leaves
feb2000  Adenium poison
feb2000  Adenium Sap
aug2000  Adenium socotranum seeds
feb2000  Adenium toxicity
apr2000  Adeniums
feb2000  Adeniums
apr2000  adress seeked
oct2000  adresses in Barcelona
mar2000  Adromischus Pollenization
mar2000  Adromischus pollination
apr2000  Aeonium branching
feb2000  Aeonium canariense
jul2000  Aeonium. How many species?
jul2000  Aeonium. How many species? How can I get them ? Who shell it for
jul2000  Aeonium. How many species? How can I get them ? Who shell it for  Europe?
jul2000  Aeoniums
jul2000  again dorstenia book
jun2000  Agave 'Mango'
jan2000  Agave Arazonica
jan2000  Agave arizonica
jun2000  Agave desertii - "i" ending names
jun2000  agave desertii??
jun2000  Agave desmettiana... a new colorful form?
jan2000  Agave help
sep2000  agave pumila
oct2000  Agave seed
feb2000  Agave species / Leuchtenbergia
jul2000  Age and very tall cacti
jul2000  Age of cacti
sep2000  Age of Echinopsis (Setiechinopsis) miarbilis
feb2000  Ages of Succulentophile
mar2000  Ages of Succulentophile
feb2000  Ages of Succulentophiles
mar2000  Ages of Succulentophiles
jun2000  Agve desmettiana
feb2000  AIAPS Seeds list
jan2000  Aizoaceae & Mesembryanthemaceae
jan2000  Aizoaceae & Mesembyanthemaceae
jan2000  Aizoaceae including Mesembyanthemaceae
jul2000  Albuquerque visit
aug2000  Alcohol for Pest Control
apr2000  Alfred Lau in the U.K.
aug2000  All in the Family
apr2000  Allan Z.
feb2000  Alluaudia ascendens is growing too tall !!
apr2000  Alluaudia procera seeds
aug2000  Aloe
feb2000  Aloe 1999 Vol 36 2&3
jul2000  aloe aristata - roots
nov2000  Aloe confusa
nov2000  Aloe confusa - learning thru display
dec2000  Aloe dorotheae
dec2000  Aloe fragilis
jun2000  Aloe from leaves cutings???
dec2000  Aloe Longistyla
feb2000  Aloe magazine
aug2000  Aloe melanacantha
oct2000  Aloe Mite
aug2000  Aloe plicatilis
nov2000  Aloe plicatilis
aug2000  Aloe plicatilis Argh!
aug2000  Aloe plicatilis on account
aug2000  Aloe plicatilis thanks
aug2000  Aloe plicatilis/name error
aug2000  Aloe plicitalis
jul2000  Aloe PolyPhylla
dec2000  aloe polyphylla seeds
jun2000  Aloe Roots
sep2000  Aloe ruffingiana & Aloe deltoideodonta 'Variegata'
jan2000  Aloe seeds & plants sources
aug2000  Aloe sincatana
aug2000  Aloe sinkatana?
oct2000  Aloe Swap
feb2000  Aloe, the South African Journal
mar2000  Aloes seed treatment
jan2000  Alternate opinion of "Succulents II: The New Illustrated Dictionary"
sep2000  Amateur
jun2000  Amateur's Digest
may2000  American vendors+KK
may2000  American vendors,
may2000  American vendors, Gerhard
oct2000  An Invitation
mar2000  An Odd Tylecodon
feb2000  Ancistrocactus and Glandulicactus
nov2000  and a question
feb2000  and other offsets ..(was Re: Turbi offsets?)
jan2000  Andean cacti dormancy
dec2000  Andreas's Melos
nov2000  Andreas's Melos
sep2000  Andy's Arthrocereus
aug2000  Anhalonium
aug2000  animation
apr2000  Anne Shein
apr2000  Announcement
may2000  Annual Texas State Show and Sale!!!
mar2000  another orthene question
may2000  another prickly tale
jul2000  Another question
jul2000  Another question from Mac Clarke
apr2000  Another source for cacti
apr2000  Another warning sign of cactoholism
apr2000  Another warning sign of cactoholism. . . .
apr2000  Another warning sign of cactoholism....
jun2000  ANT INVASION!!
apr2000  Ants
mar2000  Any cacti nurseries in Oregon
aug2000  Any Haworthia experts out there?
may2000  Anyone got a Selenicereus grandiflorus to spare?
may2000  Anyone got an Aporocactus flagelliformis?
jul2000  Anyone ordered from this nursery before?
jul2000  Anything interest you in  particular?
may2000  Aporocactus
may2000  Aporocactus flagelliformis
aug2000  Aporocactus rooting
may2000  aporocactus species
may2000  Aporocactus spp. (Andrew Coughlan)
apr2000  Apporophyllum 'sunrise'
mar2000  April Fool's Day
mar2000  April Fool's Day event
may2000  April Haworthiad
apr2000  April Meeting of the HVCSS
feb2000  Are Cactus Grafts Doomed ?
nov2000  Are there  variety of mixes for disco?
feb2000  Are You Planning Your Holiday?
sep2000  Arequipa hazeliana (was: Cactus with womens names)
oct2000  Arequipa hazelii?!
aug2000  Argentina
may2000  Arid Lands Latest mailing
mar2000  Arid Lands Spring List
may2000  Arid Lands' latest mailing
may2000  Aridlands list again
jan2000  Aridlands' Gerhard Marx
feb2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico
jun2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - new addition to Website
jul2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - Site Update etc
feb2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - Site Upgrade
mar2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - Site Upgrade
jan2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - Update
feb2000  Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - Website Upgrade
sep2000  ariocarpus book translation
jun2000  ariocarpus de-grafting
jun2000  Ariocarpus Field Numbers Updarte
jun2000  Ariocarpus fissuratus
aug2000  Ariocarpus retusus 'San Rafael form'
nov2000  Ariocarpus scapharostrus flower
mar2000  Ariocarpus site update
aug2000  Ariocarpus site update and new URL
jun2000  Ariocarpus Website Update
nov2000  Arios in water
jul2000  Arrojadoa aureispina fruit
dec2000  Arrojadoa Christmas flowers
nov2000  Arrojadoa Christmas flowers
sep2000  Arrojadoa dinae
sep2000  Arrojadoa pollination
may2000  Arthrocereus
sep2000  Arthrocereus
sep2000  arthrocereus 'aureispinus'
jun2000  Arthrocereus / Discocactus
jun2000  Article
nov2000  Artificial "pumice"
jan2000  Artificial light
dec2000  artificial lights
dec2000  Aruba
feb2000  Asclepiadaceae
jan2000  Asclepiadaceae
jan2000  Asclepiadaceae and Apocynaceae
nov2000  Asclepiadaceae Volume 1-60
jan2000  Asclepiads
nov2000  Asclepiads home page upgraded
may2000  asking for information, Cintia
oct2000  Asklepios #80
sep2000  Asklepios 80
dec2000  Asklepios 81
jul2000  Asphodelaceae verses Aloaceae
jan2000  Astrocarpus
feb2000  Astroloba dodsoniana
may2000  Astrophytum and unusual branching
mar2000  Astrophytum hybrids
feb2000  Astrophytum Ornatum hurt
jun2000  astrophytum ornatums
apr2000  attached to a stone?
apr2000  attenuata-like Haworthia
oct2000  Auction & Sale
dec2000  Australasian Convention
apr2000  Australian Nurseries
dec2000  Austrocactus
nov2000  Austrocactus
feb2000  Austrocephalocereus/Siccobaccatus dolichospermaticus
jun2000  Austrocylindropuntia
sep2000  Austrocylindropuntia malyana
sep2000  Avonia journal delivered
sep2000  Aztekium  rooting
nov2000  Aztekium hintonii and spine developement
aug2000  Aztekium ritteri
jan2000  Aztekium ritteri
jul2000  Azureocereus new growth
jul2000  Azureocereus viridis KK333 ex Mesa Garden
apr2000  B & L
apr2000  B&L numbers
aug2000  B&T seeds
may2000  B. liliputana - a habitat note
jul2000  B. or C. purpurea? (was Re: Buiningia (Coleocephalocereus)
feb2000  BA treatment
jul2000  Bach's Cactus Nuursery
nov2000  back
sep2000  Back in Sucre
sep2000  Back on-line
apr2000  back to the beginning, Escobaria vs. Coryphantha
apr2000  Backbergia militaris
apr2000  Backebergia articles for KK Agrawal
apr2000  Backebergia militaris
may2000  Bad identification of plants
jan2000  baking soda
jan2000  Baking Soda as a Fungicide
feb2000  Banana Musa basjoo in Europe/Germany-Taxonomy
jun2000  Barad Picnic
nov2000  Barrel Cactus
jun2000  basic knowledge about cacti and succulents
mar2000  Batwings
aug2000  Bayer's 1976 book
feb2000  BCSS 2000 Events list
jun2000  BCSS Domain name
nov2000  BCSS Journal - December 2000
feb2000  BCSS Journal - March 2000
aug2000  BCSS Journal - September 2000
mar2000  BCSS Journal online
feb2000  BCSS Membership secretary now on-line
mar2000  BCSS Membership secretary now on-line
apr2000  BCSS Portsmouth and District Branch
may2000  BCSS Portsmouth Summershow
nov2000  BCSS website etc
jul2000  Beer (OT)
jun2000  Beer and slugs
sep2000  Bees
sep2000  Bees (Was Tarantula and other scary critters)
may2000  beetles & echinopsis
apr2000  Begonia baissieri
apr2000  Begonias
oct2000  Beheading Echinopsis
apr2000  Being Chinese and wanting plants
mar2000  Benny's Website in Danemark
jun2000  Bergerocactus emoryii
jul2000  Besen
jul2000  Besig & Pasacana spines
sep2000  best pots, watering
may2000  Beware Love bug cure
aug2000  Big Book Sale at InterCity Show
feb2000  Bird destruction
jan2000  bird destruction
feb2000  Bird Repellant
feb2000  Bird Repellent
feb2000  bird repellents
feb2000  bird repellents - Hot Pepper Wax, etc
feb2000  bird repellents - Hot Pepper Wax, etc.
aug2000  Bishop's Cap
aug2000  Bishop's Cap (Astrophytum myriostigma)
sep2000  Black blistering
apr2000  Blockade
apr2000  Blockade of Bolivia
sep2000  Blockades
jun2000  Bloem ; was Bloom
jun2000  Bloem; was Bloom
jun2000  Bloom
jun2000  bloom again
jun2000  Bloom does regrow
jun2000  bloom/powder
jun2000  blooming
oct2000  blooming
mar2000  blooming in brooklyn
nov2000  blossfeldia (temperature & volume)
dec2000  Blossfeldia Liliputana
dec2000  Blossfeldia seedlings
feb2000  Blossfeldia seeds
feb2000  Blossfeldias
jan2000  Blossfeldias
mar2000  Blossfeldias again
jan2000  Bob Schick photos
jan2000  Bob Schick photos online
jan2000  Bob Schick' photos
jan2000  Bob Schick's photos
feb2000  Bob Smoleys
feb2000  Bob Smoleys garden world
jun2000  Bob Soblman and Frankfurt
jan2000  Bolivian Cactus
nov2000  Boojum /intro
jun2000  Boojum rot
jan2000  book
dec2000  Book "Vygies, Gems of the veld"
feb2000  Book Auction
jan2000  Book Auction
feb2000  Book Auction San Gabriel Valley C&SS
mar2000  Book for a beginner?
jul2000  Book from the CD/Yucca
sep2000  Book on Mesembs - CACTUS&Co. publishing
mar2000  Book on US Cacti
oct2000  book sale europe epric foundation
oct2000  book sale in NYC
feb2000  Book sale?
may2000  Booknews
may2000  BOOKNEWS (173)
aug2000  Books
sep2000  Books for a Desert Island
mar2000  Books on columnars
sep2000  Books to have at hand
jun2000  Borax
jul2000  Borax and Boron
jun2000  Borax and Boron
aug2000  Boron
jul2000  Boron toxicity
mar2000  Borzicactus, Haageocereus
mar2000  Borzicactus/Haageocereus
may2000  Botanic Gardens
apr2000  botanical prints
feb2000  Botanical Terms
mar2000  Botanical Terms
aug2000  Botany 2000! Oregon Convention Center 6-10 August - Abstracts -
feb2000  BotanyBooks: one year after
jul2000  Boweia
jul2000  Bowiea fruiting
jul2000  Bowiea volubilis
jul2000  Bowiea volubilis bublets?????????
jul2000  Bowiea volubilis thanks!
jun2000  Boyce Thompson talk
jul2000  Bradleya
jul2000  Bradleya 18
jul2000  Bradleya Vol.13 1995
dec2000  brag grower
apr2000  branch clubs and seeds
jul2000  Brazilian Cacti in Cultivation website
jun2000  Brazilian congress
jul2000  Brazilian plant imports & reforestation-HELP!
jul2000  Breaking domancy in Dioscorea globosa
apr2000  Breaking Dormancy
jul2000  breeding O ficus-indicus
jun2000  Brian Bates
feb2000  Brian Bates' humour
mar2000  Brian Bates' humour
aug2000  Brian's Peru Trip
jul2000  Brians trip
mar2000  Brians wedding
mar2000  Bring and Buy Sale
sep2000  British Judges
apr2000  British weather
nov2000  Britton and Rose The Cactaceae available
oct2000  Britton and Rose The Cactaceae available
oct2000  Bromeliad article in local paper
apr2000  Bromeliads
sep2000  Bromeliads on cacti
mar2000  Brookside Nursery update
jul2000  browning of Rebutia and Sulco's
oct2000  Browningia
jul2000  Browningia candelaris
oct2000  Browningia candelaris
jul2000  Browningia hertlingiana etc
jan2000  Bryophyllum "houghtoni"?
jan2000  Bryophyllum pinnatum
apr2000  Buds
nov2000  Bugs
nov2000  Bugs in the last summers
nov2000  Bugs in the last summers + bleaching agent for clothes
feb2000  Bugs on plants.
nov2000  Bugs. + dry time
jul2000  Buiningia (Coleocephalocereus) brevicylindrica
oct2000  Burning Yucca [was exploding caci
sep2000  Burning Yucca [was exploding caci
may2000  Bursera drupes
jun2000  Bursera twins
jun2000  Burseraceous twins
may2000  Burseras
feb2000  Busy Gerhard Koehres
sep2000  buying books (was books for a desert island)
apr2000  Bye
may2000  C & S Show and Sale
jan2000  C &S
jul2000  C&F (was Re: growing hard, L princips and temps)
apr2000  C&S in Hong Kong?
aug2000  C&S nurseries in Sicily
mar2000  C. jamacaru
nov2000  C. sarcocaulis
mar2000  C.A.M.
dec2000  Cactaceae-Review IRT  Vol. 3 No. 2-2000 - Contents etc.
nov2000  Cactaceae-Review IRT  Vol. 3 No. 2-2000 - Contents etc.
jun2000  Cactaceae-Review IRT Journal Juni 2000
aug2000  Cactaceae-Review no. 1-2000 etc.
oct2000  Cactaceae-Review no. 2-2000/Supplement, etc.
jul2000  Cacti & Iceland?
jan2000  Cacti & Succ in Tenerife
jul2000  Cacti & Succulents for Modern Living
jan2000  Cacti & Succulents in Taipei?
apr2000  Cacti - where's Roger Seiloff?
dec2000  Cacti and cactuses
dec2000  cacti and cactuses.
oct2000  Cacti and humidity
sep2000  Cacti and humidity
jan2000  cacti around Las Vegas, Nevada
apr2000  cacti around Las Vegas, NV
apr2000  cacti at compaq
may2000  cacti by car...or Paris to London
mar2000  cacti collections in Belgium
mar2000  Cacti flower color
apr2000  Cacti Food Questions
jan2000  Cacti grown hard or soft
sep2000  Cacti I.D.
dec2000  cacti in Aruba
oct2000  Cacti in Bloom - was "What?(Roger Sieloff)"
jul2000  Cacti in East Mohave/Phoenix area
sep2000  Cacti in habitat (was: Re: "Ferocactus" lindsayi)
aug2000  Cacti In Iceland
aug2000  Cacti in NW Oregon?
feb2000  cacti in Paris
jul2000  cacti in Portugal
jun2000  Cacti in the British Virgin Islands
jun2000  cacti in Virgin Islands
feb2000  Cacti Names
may2000  Cacti needing warmth in winter
dec2000  cacti on Aruba
dec2000  cacti on Bonaire
feb2000  Cacti on Stamps
mar2000  Cacti on Stamps
dec2000  CACTI or cactuses
jan2000  Cacti or Cactuses
sep2000  Cacti paintings
jul2000  cacti picture japanese page
sep2000  Cacti shows (was: Re: Taxonomy Wars Revisited)
sep2000  Cacti Stage Comeback in Saguaro National Park
dec2000  Cacti Support
aug2000  cacti under lights, advice needed
dec2000  Cacti vs Cactuses
aug2000  cacti vs. cactuses
dec2000  cacti vs. cactuses
sep2000  cacti wholesale
sep2000  Cacti with Dark Bodies
oct2000  Cacti with Dark Bodies - Contributors
oct2000  Cacti, cold weather and flowering
nov2000  CactiInfo
sep2000  CactiInfo
apr2000  Cacti_etc
may2000  CACTI_ETC
sep2000  CACTI_ETC   White Flies in the House
jun2000  CACTI_ETC  cheerfully off topic
may2000  CACTI_ETC  slow growth
jul2000  CACTI_ETC - natural methods to eradicate pests
jun2000  CACTI_ETC : Trichodiadema
apr2000  Cacti_etc and Lurking
apr2000  Cacti_etc and S.A. contributors
oct2000  cacti_etc available on-line?
oct2000  CACTI_ETC combustion DOES happen!
sep2000  CACTI_ETC combustion DOES happen!
dec2000  CACTI_ETC digest
jun2000  CACTI_ETC digest
may2000  CACTI_ETC digest
mar2000  CACTI_ETC digest 2189
nov2000  CACTI_ETC digests at eGroups
apr2000  cacti_etc messages
apr2000  Cacti_etc The Brian Bates contribution
may2000  CACTI_ETCjade plant
apr2000  cactoblastis
may2000  Cactoblastis
jun2000  Cactoblastis in Hawaii
may2000  Cactoblastis moth?
may2000  Cactoblastus cactorum
apr2000  cactoholic's holiday
mar2000  Cactoholics Anonymous
apr2000  Cactoholism and what's flowering.
mar2000  Cactophiles?
aug2000  Cactus & Co editor
mar2000  Cactus & Co.
aug2000  Cactus & Co. editor(s)
mar2000  CACTUS & Co. international society
feb2000  Cactus & Co. journal, N.1 Volume IV - 2000
dec2000  CACTUS & Co. society new web site
nov2000  CACTUS & Co. society new web site
jul2000  Cactus & Succulent Collection
nov2000  Cactus and other succulents names
aug2000  Cactus and Succulent Club Homepages
dec2000  Cactus and succulent names-Thank you
nov2000  Cactus and succulent names-Thank you
sep2000  Cactus and Succulent Society of Peru
mar2000  Cactus Bob
feb2000  Cactus book
sep2000  cactus books on ebay etc
dec2000  Cactus Calendar
nov2000  Cactus calendar
nov2000  Cactus calendar - more information
oct2000  cactus calendar 2001
feb2000  Cactus care
mar2000  Cactus Co-op
dec2000  Cactus conservation attorney
oct2000  cactus country
apr2000  Cactus Crazy
mar2000  Cactus Crazy website
dec2000  Cactus Data Plants
aug2000  Cactus DNA and Taxonomy
jan2000  Cactus export
jun2000  cactus gardens in israel
jul2000  cactus greenhouse ?
jul2000  Cactus greenhouse in Dundas
apr2000  Cactus growing at Compaq
mar2000  Cactus growing in Japan
mar2000  Cactus growing in Japan...
may2000  Cactus growth
apr2000  Cactus Hill in Virginia (news item)
may2000  cactus illustrations
sep2000  cactus image board
apr2000  Cactus in Flower now.
feb2000  Cactus King Nursery S. California
feb2000  Cactus lighting
jun2000  Cactus literature for relative beginers
mar2000  Cactus Mall back on-line
mar2000  Cactus Mall problems
mar2000  Cactus Mall returned to service
jun2000  Cactus Nurseries on Gran Canaria
apr2000  Cactus Nursery business
mar2000  cactus nurserys
mar2000  Cactus passwords
feb2000  Cactus philately
mar2000  Cactus philately
apr2000  Cactus Photo Gallery
jul2000  Cactus Photo Gallery
may2000  Cactus Pictures
sep2000  Cactus Plant Offer
oct2000  Cactus research homepage
apr2000  Cactus Saloon - The early years
apr2000  cactus scene in movie
oct2000  Cactus Show
sep2000  Cactus Shows
sep2000  Cactus shows.
feb2000  Cactus spines
mar2000  Cactus spines
apr2000  Cactus spines and other matters
feb2000  Cactus Stamps
mar2000  cactus stamps
feb2000  Cactus Taxonomy
feb2000  Cactus taxonomy and Lophophora!
apr2000  Cactus trivia Q
apr2000  Cactus v. Mammillaria
jun2000  Cactus viruses
feb2000  Cactus wallpapers & web site update
jun2000  cactus web site update : photos & wallpapers
apr2000  Cactus weeds
aug2000  Cactus Wine WAS Seed cleaning query
sep2000  Cactus with womens names
jul2000  Cactus&Co, issue n.3 (2000)
mar2000  Cactus&Co. Intl. Society
apr2000  CACTUS&Co. journal #2 Volume IV- 2000
sep2000  CACTUS&Co. journal #3 Volume IV-2000
dec2000  CACTUS&Co. journal #4-2000
may2000  CACTUS&Co. new Editor
oct2000  Cactus-Mall developments
jul2000  cactus/succlent info
aug2000  cactusi in Romania
jul2000  cactusi in Romania
feb2000  cactusman from Croatia?
oct2000  cactuspro.com news
apr2000  cactus_etc
sep2000  Calif. carpenter bees -- Take 2
sep2000  California carpenter bees
mar2000  CAM
jul2000  Can Anyone I.D. This Plant
jul2000  Can Anyone I.D. This Plant?
feb2000  Can I use sign language?
aug2000  CAN TE , mexican nurseries
feb2000  cancel
feb2000  Cancel your mail
jan2000  CANTE
aug2000  CANTE , mexican nurseries
apr2000  care for Trichocereus scopulicola
dec2000  Carnegia transplantation
sep2000  Carpenter Bee
oct2000  Carpenter Bees
sep2000  Carpenter Bees
sep2000  Carpinter Bees
jan2000  cartons
mar2000  Cat Litter
mar2000  Cat litter (was Re: Blossfeldias again)
aug2000  cats & Sanseveria
aug2000  Cats and Sansevierias
aug2000  Cats and Sansevierias, a response
may2000  caudex
apr2000  Caudiciforms
apr2000  Caudiciforms/Sarcocaulons
apr2000  Caution for trips
apr2000  Caution For Trips (Northern Hemisphere)
mar2000  cc and ec bud drop
jun2000  CCI, Cactus/Opuntioid Classification, and the IOS - Was: 'Puna'
jul2000  CD from Phoenix Tropical Gardens
feb2000  CD ROM
jan2000  cd rom epiphytic cacti
dec2000  cd rom epiphytic cacti available, advertisement
feb2000  CD-ROM, DVD-ROM
nov2000  CDRom and Commercials
jul2000  Celebrity Gardners on NPR
feb2000  central spines on base of cleistocatus smaragdiflorus
may2000  cephalium - melocactus
jul2000  cephalium questions
aug2000  Cephalocereus hoppenstedtii
sep2000  Ceraria
sep2000  Ceraria & Haworthia flowers
mar2000  Cereus
may2000  cereus - neobuxbaumia - plant research
sep2000  cereus and radiations
dec2000  Cereus cuttings
jan2000  Cereus huilunch
jan2000  Cereus huilunchu
jul2000  Cereus ID help
mar2000  Cereus jamacaru
mar2000  Cereus Jamacaru from different locations
apr2000  Cereus jamacaru: symbol of the northeastern of Brazil
jan2000  Cereus minima
jul2000  Cereus monstrose
jul2000  cereus monstrosus ?
aug2000  Cereus Need Help
may2000  Cereus peruvianus
apr2000  Cereus Peruvianus and Hylocereus ocamponis
may2000  Cereus peruvianus, and 'arms'
jun2000  Cereus photos
aug2000  Cereus question
mar2000  Cereus Question
apr2000  Ceroids & Dorstenia
oct2000  ceroids identification
jul2000  Ceropegia fusca
jun2000  Ceropegia fusca
jul2000  Ceropegia fusca (& C. dichotoma)
jul2000  Ceropegia fusca - cultural requirements
jul2000  Ceropegia fusca on Tenerife
jul2000  Ceropegia fusca propagation
jul2000  Ceropegia fusca/dichotoma
jul2000  Ceropegis fusca/dichotoma
apr2000  Chamberland
nov2000  change of  email address
feb2000  change of address
nov2000  change of appearance
jan2000  Change of e mail address
nov2000  change of e-mail address
oct2000  change of e-mail address
apr2000  change of email address
nov2000  Change of r-mail address.
aug2000  Change of URL, server and an update
aug2000  charging for e-mail
aug2000  charging for e-mail?
aug2000  charging for email
aug2000  charging for email?
may2000  Check out my homepage...
jul2000  Checklist
jul2000  chemical weed control
aug2000  Chicago Cactus & Succulent Show and Sale
mar2000  Chihuahuan Cactus contacts
feb2000  Chihuahuan vs. Sonoran
jul2000  Chilean cacti
jun2000  Chilean cacti
jun2000  Chilean cacti group
may2000  Chilean cacti group
mar2000  Chilean's disease???
jun2000  chileans
may2000  Chileans cacti
mar2000  Chileans disease
may2000  Chileans No. 57
mar2000  Chileans weekend
sep2000  Chill factor
jun2000  chlorophyll
dec2000  Choose the BEST
nov2000  Choose the BEST
apr2000  Christmas Cacti Fruits
apr2000  Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergeras)
mar2000  Christmas/Easter cactus
jan2000  chromosome numbers
jul2000  Cintia
may2000  Cintia
aug2000  cintia / weingartia
aug2000  Cintia again
sep2000  Cintia again (was: Re: help)
sep2000  Cintia knizei
aug2000  Cintia napina (was Cintia again)
jul2000  Cissus
jul2000  Cissus care
mar2000  CITES
sep2000  CITES
sep2000  CITES & Conservation
oct2000  CITES (Ariocarpus hintonii)
sep2000  CITES (Ariocarpus hintonii)
oct2000  Cites : useful?
oct2000  CITES and Reintroduction
oct2000  Cites and solutions
sep2000  CITES and solutions
jun2000  Cites Cactacea checklist
jun2000  Cites Cactaceae checklist
sep2000  CITES Cactaceae Checklist
sep2000  CITES Cactaceae Checklist (WAS:  Help)
aug2000  CITES Cactaceae Checklist, 1999 edition
jun2000  CITES Checklist 1999
jul2000  CITES Proposal
mar2000  clay beads vs. Turface, et al.
oct2000  clay pots
sep2000  cleaning solutions
jul2000  Cleistocactus chachapoyensis
feb2000  Cleistocactus smaragdiflorus
feb2000  climate, Chihuahuan and Sonoran cacti
jun2000  clusters of fruits
may2000  Coaco Grow (Coir)
sep2000  Cochisera robbinsorum (was Help)
may2000  Cocoa Grow (coir)
may2000  Coir
may2000  coir and perlite
may2000  Coir Compost
jun2000  Coir Info
oct2000  Cold Hardiness Web Site?
jul2000  cold hardy cacti
feb2000  Cold Hardy Yucca
jan2000  Cold tolerance and sleet
feb2000  Cole's Lithops
aug2000  Colecephalocereus questions
sep2000  Coleocephalocereus goebelianus (Vaupel) Ritter
jul2000  Coleocephalocereus purpureus
aug2000  Coleocephalocereus question
oct2000  Collecting (was CITES)
oct2000  collecting - was CITES
feb2000  Collecting Rebutia Seed
mar2000  Collecting Rebutia Seed
feb2000  Collecting seed from Rebutia
mar2000  Collecting seed from Rebutia
feb2000  collecting seed from Rebutia, Ariocarpus, etc.
mar2000  collecting seed from Rebutia, Ariocarpus, etc.
oct2000  Collecting vs. conservation - clarification.
jan2000  collections focus
jan2000  Collections Focus at DBG
jan2000  color temperature and color rendering index
nov2000  Coloration and texture
apr2000  Colorful flowers
aug2000  Colour
aug2000  colour ...(was Re: general rules for taxonomy)
apr2000  columnar
apr2000  Columnar cacti
aug2000  Columnar Cacti
dec2000  columnar cacti branching
jul2000  columnar cacti website update
jun2000  Columnar cacti website updated
aug2000  columnar cactus website updated
oct2000  columnar cactus website updated
sep2000  columnar cactus website updated:
oct2000  columnar question
may2000  columnar website update
nov2000  columnar website update
may2000  columnar website updated
sep2000  columnar website updated
may2000  columnars
may2000  columnars-book
apr2000  Combination of nutrients and insecticide dangerous?
apr2000  combination of nutrients and insecticides
aug2000  Come back Willy
aug2000  Come check out my Updated Homepage...
mar2000  Come check out my Updated Homepage...
mar2000  comments of an occasional nature
nov2000  Commercials
nov2000  Commercials on Cacti_etc
nov2000  Commercials on Cacti_Etc.
nov2000  commercials or not? & discussion themes & asking for help
mar2000  Commiphora culture
mar2000  Commiphora culture?
jul2000  Common Names Database!
jun2000  Common Names Database.
aug2000  Complete Frustration.... what has happened?
may2000  Compost
may2000  Compost - coir
jun2000  Compost cont......
may2000  Computer software - CactusBase
nov2000  conc. John Pilbeam
jun2000  Concensus ?
jul2000  Conophytum sources in the US
jul2000  Conophytums
sep2000  Conservation
apr2000  constant temperatures
apr2000  contact information for Wendell (Woody) Minich
mar2000  contacting address for Inge Hoffman?
jul2000  Contacting Josef Halda
jan2000  Contents of Cactus&Co. Vol. IV, N.1, January 2000
may2000  Contents of CSSA journal, July-August issue
may2000  Contents of the June 2000 BCSS Journal
apr2000  Contributers
jan2000  converting measurements
jun2000  Converting to a greenhouse.
jun2000  Cooking soil
jun2000  Copiapoa lauii cristate seedling
mar2000  Copiapoa material wanted
sep2000  Copiapoa seed / plants
jan2000  Copiapoas growing in winter
jan2000  Copper fungicide
jul2000  Copyright
jul2000  copyrights
jul2000  Copyrights [Was: N. ottonis flowering]
aug2000  Corect spelling
dec2000  Coreopsis gigantea
jan2000  Coreopsis gigantea
may2000  Corky Growth
may2000  Corky growth on cactus
jan2000  correct url
apr2000  Correction
apr2000  Correction of my re: Escobaria and Coryphantha
may2000  Correction to school name
mar2000  correspondent
apr2000  Coryphantha & Escobaria
apr2000  Coryphantha and Escobaria
jul2000  Coryphantha Kid and daughters
sep2000  Coryphantha vs Escobaria
apr2000  Coryphantha vs. Escobaria
apr2000  Coryphantha vs. Escobaria - whooops
aug2000  Coryphantha-Escobaria hybrids
apr2000  Coryphantha/Escobaria
jul2000  Costa Rican Cacti
aug2000  Cotyledon or Tylecodon?
feb2000  could it be....
oct2000  Could you use a little something extra?
jan2000  countries of subscribers
oct2000  Couple words
oct2000  Couple words: 1. caudex, 2. aureole
oct2000  Couple words: 1. caudex, 2. aureole + Re[2]: euphorbia
apr2000  Cover of Mar-April Journal
nov2000  Cr sarcocaulis hardy?
apr2000  Crassula
apr2000  Crassula  ovata 'Hobbit'
apr2000  Crassula "Hobbit"
may2000  Crassula 'Blauwe Vogel'
apr2000  Crassula 'Blue Bird'
may2000  Crassula 'Blue Bird'
may2000  Crassula arborescens ssp. undulatifolia 'Blue Bird'
apr2000  Crassula in  So. Africa
apr2000  Crassula in South America
apr2000  Crassula ovata 'Hobbit'
apr2000  Crassula ovata 'Skinny Fingers'
apr2000  Crassula ovata Cultivars
jul2000  Crassula ovata+vars
nov2000  Crassula sarcocaulis & resident spider
nov2000  Crassula sarcocaulis and spider
may2000  Crassula subacaulis subsp. erosula
sep2000  Crassulaceae group
jul2000  Crassulaceae lists
apr2000  Crassulaceae of the Alps
apr2000  Crassulaceae Tillaea
nov2000  creditcard facilities for haw society
dec2000  Creeping Devils
nov2000  Creeping Devils
dec2000  Creeping Devils (was Machaerocereus flowers)
nov2000  Creeping Devils (was Machaerocereus flowers)
mar2000  crests of gymnocalycium
may2000  cristate Coryph. vivipara
may2000  Cristates
oct2000  critters eating c & s (was CITES (Ariocarpus hintonii))
jan2000  cry time
sep2000  CSAA website
jun2000  CSJ US 12:177-181., 1940
feb2000  CSSA  Journal on CD
mar2000  CSSA  Journal on CD
jul2000  CSSA 2000 Field Trip
oct2000  CSSA 2001 Convention
dec2000  CSSA Convention 2001
dec2000  CSSA Convention trips
apr2000  CSSA Cover
apr2000  CSSA Event Calendar
apr2000  CSSA Events
jul2000  CSSA Field Trip to Big Bend
jun2000  CSSA journal
jul2000  CSSA Journal for September-October
oct2000  CSSA Journal Mailing
feb2000  CSSA journal on a CD-Rom
feb2000  CSSA Journal on CD
feb2000  CSSA Journals
feb2000  CSSA Journals and language
feb2000  CSSA membership form
dec2000  CSSA Newsletter
jan2000  CSSA Seed Depot 2000 list
aug2000  CSSA Seed Depot Addendum
oct2000  CSSA Seed Depot Addendum 2000-4
feb2000  CSSA Seed Depot list
dec2000  CSSA Services
mar2000  CSSA Slide Show on CD?
may2000  CSSA Website
oct2000  CSSA Website
oct2000  CSSSN seeking a speaker
mar2000  CT C & S show
feb2000  CT CSS Annual Show & Sale
jun2000  Cuba
jun2000  Cuba and cacti
jun2000  Cuba cacti
jun2000  Cuba, consolea, lemairocereus, dendrocereus...
jun2000  Cuban cacti
jul2000  Cucurbitaceae genera
aug2000  Cultivar, sports and monstrosity
aug2000  Cultivating Harrisia
jul2000  Cultural Question
dec2000  culture for Noto. magnificus
sep2000  Cumulopuntia nigrispina P41
sep2000  Cumulopuntia nigrispina P41.
dec2000  Currency conversion
sep2000  Cutting back
dec2000  cuttings
mar2000  Cylindropuntia (AKA Opuntia) leptocaulis
jun2000  Cylindropuntia ??
may2000  Cylindropuntia ??
jan2000  Cylindropuntia in Cuba and South America
mar2000  Cylindropuntia Leptocaulis
may2000  Cyphostemma
nov2000  Cyphostemma juttae from cuttings? and but also seeds?
may2000  Cyphostemma seeds
may2000  Cyphostemmas
apr2000  D 2222
jun2000  D Number 221
oct2000  Daily message improved?
apr2000  Dallas
mar2000  Dallas area
oct2000  Dallas visit
jan2000  Damaged display plants
aug2000  David Brewerton
feb2000  Dawson info.
apr2000  Day length
nov2000  Daylight hours in UK
jan2000  DBG Collections Focus
feb2000  De Herdt Brothers
mar2000  De Herdt Brothers
feb2000  De Herdt Brothers & the seeds quality
mar2000  De Herdt Brothers & the seeds quality
feb2000  De Herdt opening hours
mar2000  De Herdt opening hours
feb2000  De Herdt, removing peat and other soil
mar2000  De Herdt, removing peat and other soil
jun2000  dead flowers
feb2000  Dead Heads
sep2000  dear wolf (was: Removal... in defense)
feb2000  death of the sonoran grassland (WAS sonoran vs chihuahuan)
oct2000  Defining species
dec2000  definition of succulence
nov2000  definition of succulence
jul2000  definition of term
jul2000  definition of term ?
feb2000  DeHerdt
mar2000  DeHerdt
feb2000  Deinacanthon
jun2000  Demon DOS attack
jun2000  Dendrocereus
jul2000  descriptions of Rhipsalis
sep2000  Desert Happenings in Calif.
may2000  Desert Plant Magazine
may2000  Desert Plants Magazine
feb2000  Desert Wilderness, Parks, Etc.
nov2000  Deutsche Kakteen Geschaftsstelle
jan2000  Developments
jan2000  Diazinon
jan2000  different holiday cactus
jul2000  different temps.
jan2000  Different viewpoints
apr2000  Digest mode (Re: Cactus spines and other matters)
may2000  Dioecy in some Echinocereus
sep2000  Dioscorea
oct2000  Dioscorea and random US xerophytes
oct2000  Dioscorea cuttings
oct2000  Dioscorea elephantipes cuttings(?)
nov2000  Dioscorea elephantipes(?)
oct2000  Dioscorea globosa
feb2000  Dioscorea sylvaticus?
aug2000  Diplosoma luckhoffii
sep2000  Dirty Old Man
sep2000  Dirty old men
mar2000  Disappearing cacti  & Spring flowers
mar2000  Disappearing cacti  && Spring flowers
aug2000  Discocactus  - buds and flowers
jul2000  Discocactus bahiensis
jun2000  Discocactus crystallophilus
jul2000  Discocactus flowering
jul2000  Discocactus horstii
jul2000  Discocactus horstii blooming tonight
jul2000  Discocactus horstii x buenekeri
oct2000  Discocactus HU 544
oct2000  Discocactus HU544
sep2000  Discocactus HU544
aug2000  Discocactus in bud and flower
oct2000  Discocactus Info
apr2000  Discocactus-Melocactus; confused
apr2000  Discocactus/Melocactus
feb2000  Discusting Habits
apr2000  Dislurked, off topic rambling
sep2000  disocactus amazonicus
sep2000  Dissapointment with Pat Hardy Seeds
feb2000  Distress
mar2000  Distress
apr2000  DKG
apr2000  DKG seed supply list
apr2000  DKG/Seed list
feb2000  DNA and so on
aug2000  DNA and such
feb2000  DNA and Systematics
may2000  Do jatrophas and euphorbias interbreed?
jul2000  Do not send more emails please
nov2000  Documentation of mailing lists
jan2000  Does any one else find the following stat a bit 'spooky' LOL
feb2000  Does anyone live in AZ or NM?
mar2000  Does anyone live in AZ or NM?
jun2000  Dollars from Email??!!
jan2000  Dormancy
jan2000  Dormancy...winter blooming..question about Duvalia
jun2000  Dorothy Byer
apr2000  Dorstenia
jul2000  Dorstenia
oct2000  dorstenia
apr2000  dorstenia 2
jul2000  Dorstenia book
may2000  dorstenia culture & caudexplants
oct2000  dorstenia winter care
oct2000  Dorstenia, Winter care
apr2000  Dorstenias
jan2000  Doug & Vivi Roland's 2000 Seed List
jun2000  Dr. Adolf Muehl, Vienna, Austria
aug2000  Dracophilus delaetianus
feb2000  Dragon's Tooth
feb2000  driving Arizona Parks - Organ Pipe
mar2000  driving Arizona Parks - Organ Pipe
feb2000  driving in Arizona
mar2000  driving in Arizona
feb2000  Driving in Arizona Parks
mar2000  Driving in Arizona Parks
feb2000  Drought & Ruminations
jun2000  droughts in Arizona
feb2000  Dry spring in the Sonoran Desert
aug2000  Dudleya
jan2000  Dudleya brittonii seeds
apr2000  Dudleya information required
feb2000  Dutch Nursery List Update
sep2000  Dwarf Cacti
sep2000  e-bay plants
jan2000  e-mail address
aug2000  E-mail address change
feb2000  e-mail address change
feb2000  e-mail address needed
mar2000  e-mail list
feb2000  e-mail me
jan2000  E-mails
apr2000  E. grusonii
apr2000  E. grusonii in China
jul2000  E. laui
jun2000  E. oxypetalum
feb2000  E. Yale Dawson ref.
aug2000  E.F. Anderson : Brittonia 21: 299-310.; 1969
feb2000  E.L.K.
jul2000  E.laui
oct2000  Early blooming
apr2000  Earth Day and Iowa
apr2000  Earth Day!
mar2000  easiest mesembs
may2000  easter cactus
may2000  Easter Cactus care
mar2000  Easy seeds for a beginner?
jun2000  Eating Opuntia
nov2000  Ebay
sep2000  ebay gordon rowley book
apr2000  ebay metal halide and HPS
sep2000  Ebay shopping
nov2000  Ebay..
may2000  EC CITES licences
may2000  Echevera
dec2000  echeveria
feb2000  Echeveria
nov2000  echeveria
feb2000  Echeveria propagation
dec2000  echeveria questions (more)
nov2000  echeveria questions (more)
jun2000  Echeverias
jan2000  Echinocactus and Ferocactus search, large quanity
apr2000  Echinocactus grusonii
sep2000  echinocactus horizontalonius v nicoli
sep2000  Echinocactus Horizonthalonius Nicholi
sep2000  Echinocactus horizonthalonius var. nicholii
jul2000  Echinocereus 'skin'
apr2000  Echinocereus coccineus musings
jul2000  Echinocereus Coccineus ssp Aggregatus
jul2000  Echinocereus coccineus ssp.aggregatus
sep2000  Echinocereus f. v. lindsayi & Setiechinopsis
sep2000  Echinocereus ferreirianus v. lindsayi in bloom (photo link)
sep2000  Echinocereus ferreirianus v. lindsayi in cultivation (was Re: Taxonomy
jul2000  Echinocereus fruit - edible?
jul2000  Echinocereus Fruit Edible?
jul2000  Echinocereus fruits
oct2000  Echinocereus grusonii
sep2000  Echinocereus lindsayi
aug2000  Echinocereus maritimus
aug2000  Echinocereus metornii
may2000  Echinocereus metornii
sep2000  Echinocereus metornii
apr2000  echinocereus reference collecion (fwd)
dec2000  echinocereus reference collection
nov2000  Echinocereus Reference Collection
mar2000  Echinocereus rosei (was, Benny's Website in Danemark)
apr2000  Echinocereus triglochidiatus variety
mar2000  Echinocereus viridiflorus bloom
apr2000  Echinofossulocactus hardiness
jun2000  Echinofossulocactus phyllacanthus
jun2000  Echinofossulocactus vs. Stenocactus
jun2000  Echinofossulocatus phyllacanthus
sep2000  Echinomastus
aug2000  echinomastus - hard to keep?
sep2000  Echinomastus and soil
aug2000  echinomastus intertextus or Sclerocactus
sep2000  Echinomastus johnsonii and kin
sep2000  Echinomastus johnsonii and soil
sep2000  Echinomastus question
sep2000  Echinomastus warnockii
may2000  Echinopsis "New Dawn" hybrid
aug2000  Echinopsis hybrids
sep2000  Echinopsis ID
sep2000  Echinopsis ID?!
jan2000  Echinopsis x Cereus peruvianus
feb2000  Edible cacti etc
jul2000  Edible cactus fruits
jul2000  Edithcolea grandis
jul2000  Eiosyce laui
dec2000  Electronic Cameras
nov2000  Electronic Cameras
dec2000  Electronic Cameras - thanks
aug2000  ELK
sep2000  ELK 2000 (photographs)
sep2000  ELK in Belgium
feb2000  ELK Meeting
aug2000  ELK visit
feb2000  email address wanted
sep2000  en Francais
oct2000  Endangered plants and nursery propagation
jun2000  endings of names
mar2000  English weather
jan2000  Engravings/woodcuts?
jan2000  EPI NEWS
jan2000  EPICON VII
feb2000  epiphyllum
oct2000  Epiphyllum cv 'Urwald'
jul2000  epiphyllum flowering
jun2000  Epiphyllum Hybrid
jun2000  epiphyllum oxypetalum and other epis
feb2000  Epiphyllum phyllanthus
jun2000  Epiphyllum pruning
jan2000  Epiphyllum Seeds..what kind of soil??
jul2000  Epiphytic Plant Study Group
oct2000  Eriocereus pomanensis... or eriocactus pomanensis?
jul2000  Eriocyse laui
oct2000  Eriocyse laui
jul2000  Eriosyce laui
mar2000  Eriosyce laui
jul2000  Eriosyce laui (Copiapoa)
jul2000  Eriosyce laui (correct)
apr2000  Escobaria and Coryphantha
sep2000  Escobaria delimitation? (was Re: Cintia again (was: Re: help)
jun2000  Escobaria missouriensis
sep2000  Escobaria questions
mar2000  Escobaria sneedii
mar2000  Escobaria sneedii in Franklin Mountains?
sep2000  Escobaria vivipara questions
feb2000  Escobaria Vivipara Seedlings
apr2000  Escobaria/Coryphantha
apr2000  Escobaria/Coryphantha and Allan Zimmerman's Diss.
apr2000  Escobaria/Coryphantha-more
mar2000  Escobarias (was sneedii)
feb2000  Escorbaria vivipara
jul2000  Espostoa
jul2000  Espostoa chiletensis
jul2000  Espostoa cliletensis
jul2000  Espostoa lanata v. rubrispina
jul2000  Espostoa lanata v. rubrospina
apr2000  Etymologia of Tillandsia
apr2000  Eulophia petersii bloom
sep2000  Euph. abdelkuri
sep2000  Euph. bupleurifolia
mar2000  euph. crest info
mar2000  Euph. ingens seedling
mar2000  Euph. ingens seedling/Frank
oct2000  Euphorbia
sep2000  Euphorbia  bupleurifolia
sep2000  Euphorbia abdelkuri
jan2000  Euphorbia aggregata
jan2000  Euphorbia aggregata?
may2000  Euphorbia aureo-viridiflora
may2000  Euphorbia aureo-viridiflora - an Apology
may2000  Euphorbia befilensis ID
may2000  Euphorbia beharensis impostor
feb2000  Euphorbia bupleurifolia
mar2000  Euphorbia Cooperii v. Cooperii Outdoors
aug2000  Euphorbia copiapina
apr2000  Euphorbia golisana
may2000  Euphorbia grandicornis
aug2000  Euphorbia gymnocalycioides
feb2000  Euphorbia hadramautica
feb2000  Euphorbia hadraumatica and its affinities
jul2000  Euphorbia horrida
jul2000  Euphorbia horrida or E ferox
jun2000  Euphorbia I.D.-Any sites?
mar2000  Euphorbia ingens and rooting lacteas
feb2000  Euphorbia juice
jun2000  Euphorbia leuconeura rediscovered?
feb2000  Euphorbia loricata
feb2000  Euphorbia mammalaris
feb2000  Euphorbia mammilaris / Euphorbia loricata
jan2000  Euphorbia mildew
jul2000  Euphorbia obesa and symmetrica
aug2000  Euphorbia obesa, Male/Female?
nov2000  Euphorbia sapini?
nov2000  Euphorbia sapinii
oct2000  Euphorbia umbraculiformis
may2000  Euphorbia viridiflora
oct2000  Euphorbia.
feb2000  Euphorbiaceae Study Group
jan2000  Euphorbiaceae Study Group
jun2000  Euphorbias and Haworthias
may2000  Euphorbias for shady situations
mar2000  European Sources/Collections?
apr2000  Euthenasia
jan2000  Eva' pneumonia - Welwitschia fungus
jun2000  Evening and night bloomers.
jun2000  Evil worms
jan2000  example
may2000  Exotica
may2000  Exotica 2000
may2000  exotica-Erkelenz
may2000  Exotica/Dorstenias
apr2000  Expecting CSSA Journal?
sep2000  Exploding cacti etc. - the final word
oct2000  exploding cactus
sep2000  Exploding cactus
sep2000  Exploding cactus (was Re: Tarantula)
feb2000  exporting
mar2000  exporting
feb2000  Exporting to Australia
apr2000  Extracting cactus spines
feb2000  Extracts from old journals
apr2000  Extremely off topic post...
jul2000  F or C?; (Splitting/Lumping; and Rebutias)
jul2000  F or C?; Splitting/Lumping; and Rebutias
jun2000  Fabaceae; Oxalis
jul2000  fahrenheit/celsius
oct2000  Fall Sale
jan2000  False Sea Onion
dec2000  Family identification
jul2000  Family names
aug2000  family_etc
jun2000  Farina
jun2000  FARINA, or FARINOSE
apr2000  fasciata or attenuata?
sep2000  Faucaria & Spelling of plant names
feb2000  Faucaria's seed
jan2000  Fault report
apr2000  fear of watering
apr2000  fear of watering + greenhousequestion
apr2000  fear of watering ..
apr2000  Fero ID/John Walker
oct2000  Ferobergia and what's flowering
apr2000  Ferocactus
aug2000  Ferocactus
jun2000  Ferocactus
apr2000  Ferocactus  (no response to inquiry)
aug2000  Ferocactus acanthodes, self pollinateing
jan2000  Ferocactus book
feb2000  Ferocactus latispinus
jan2000  Ferocactus questions
feb2000  Ferocactus seed germination
jan2000  Ferocactus taxonomy help!
nov2000  Ferocactus wislizenii
jan2000  Ferocactus's book
apr2000  Feros
apr2000  Feros. in Australia.
may2000  fertilizer
feb2000  FGaS homepage
mar2000  FGaS homepage
mar2000  Fiambala Lobivia
apr2000  Field Number Database
feb2000  Field number database
jan2000  Field Number Database
jun2000  Field Number database
mar2000  Field Number database
apr2000  Field numbers
mar2000  Field Numbers
apr2000  Filing system
sep2000  Final Myron Kimnach Book and Journal List
aug2000  Fire On The Mountain (was: wave hill)
aug2000  Fire plant from Tenerife
jul2000  Fire plant from Tenerife
jan2000  First buds of Y2K, and a query.
mar2000  first cactus flowers of spring
jan2000  First Cactus in bud in Y2K
jul2000  First four star rating
apr2000  First Saguaro buds of 2000
mar2000  Florida / Utah visits
oct2000  flower buds
aug2000  Flower colors
may2000  Flower Season in Central Utah
mar2000  Flowering Aloe polyphylla
oct2000  Flowering Ariocarpus
mar2000  Flowering cacti
mar2000  Flowering cacti ...
nov2000  flowering Mamm sanchez-mejoradae
mar2000  Flowering Pedios
mar2000  Flowering plants
apr2000  Flowering plants / Ferocactus I.D.
apr2000  Flowering plants-thread
jan2000  Flowering times
nov2000  flowering under lights
jul2000  Flowering Weingartias?
aug2000  Foik's reputation, Huntington Symposium Gathering
nov2000  Follow-up on Tropiflora discussion (sort of)
apr2000  Food
aug2000  For 'craftyjo'
oct2000  for all you gordon rowley and ebayers
oct2000  for all you Gordon Rowley fans and eBayers
feb2000  For Brian Bates
aug2000  For Gerhard and Cactus Bob...
aug2000  for oh (10-1)
nov2000  For your viewing pleasure .....
dec2000  Forcing branching (was Re: Re: question (C. forbesi)
feb2000  Foreign language
feb2000  Foreign languages
feb2000  foreign languages & "veliki sam"
feb2000  foreign languages on this site
mar2000  forgot page address
aug2000  Formula 409 vs. Orthene
aug2000  Forthcomming in the American Journal of Botany
aug2000  FORUM
mar2000  Fouquieria fasciculata
jun2000  Fragrant bloomers
jan2000  Frailea
mar2000  Frank's crested lacteas
jul2000  Frankincense Trees
jul2000  Frankincense, anyone?
apr2000  Franklin Mountains, Texas
nov2000  Frans Noltee's CD-ROM
jan2000  freaky
jan2000  freaky!
jun2000  Fred
apr2000  FREE KITTENS!!
dec2000  Free Notocactus Turecekianus seeds
nov2000  Free Notocactus Turecekianus seeds
sep2000  Free seed
sep2000  French messages
jul2000  French succulent gardens?
aug2000  French Webring
feb2000  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and English
jul2000  fresh seeds
may2000  Fresno C&S show & sale
may2000  Frithia pulchra
may2000  Frithia puolchra  and Notocactus warasii
may2000  Frithia puolchra and Notocactus warasii
may2000  Frithra pulchra
jul2000  from a novice
jul2000  from a novice (Epicactus)
oct2000  Frost in the future.
oct2000  Fuerte Ventura
oct2000  Fuerteventura
jan2000  Fungi and pH
dec2000  Fungus Control - Preparing Soil for Seeding
jan2000  Funny Cactus Story
nov2000  Furcraea
nov2000  Furcraea selloa 'Variegata'
aug2000  Furcraea selloa var marginata
jul2000  Fw:  peeling skin of Bowiea
apr2000  FW: DO this! It's hilarious!
may2000  Fw: Exotica/Dorstenias (2nd mailing - I missed it in today's digest)
apr2000  Fw: Fw: DO this! It's hilarious!
nov2000  Fw: GPN article
apr2000  FW: Have you heard this......?
may2000  Fw: Image Library Mistakes (2nd mailing)
dec2000  Fw: Living Rocks of Mexico, Major Update
jun2000  Fw: Mamm. 'Ann's Shiner'
jun2000  Fw: Mouse Pads!
aug2000  FW: mystery Rebutia
jul2000  Fw: problem message
sep2000  FW: Say WHAT???
mar2000  Fw: [MESEMBS] RE; : Cactus Co-op
jan2000  Fwd: from [living_rocks] Obregonia denigrii
oct2000  Fwd: FW: VIRUS WARNING
oct2000  Fwd: FW: VIRUS WARNING!!
jun2000  Fwd: Halda's 1991 travel through the Pacific Northwest
oct2000  Fwd: Mr. Pumpkinhead
dec2000  Fwd: Pelargonium/Sarcocaulon
nov2000  Fwd: Pelargonium/Sarcocaulon
sep2000  Fwd: REPLY REQUIRED: Subscription to Hoya Online Yacking Association offered
may2000  Fwd: Utah trip in Cacti_Etc
dec2000  FYI
jun2000  G. gibbosum
apr2000  G.Koehres Samen
apr2000  Gasteria
jan2000  Gasteria flowers
sep2000  Gasteria gracilis nana ?
dec2000  Gasteria leaf habit
dec2000  Gasteria leaves
jun2000  Gasterias and bright sun
jun2000  Gasterias needing bright sun?
jun2000  Gasterias requiring bright light
aug2000  Gene genie
aug2000  Gene genie - re:re:re all the way home!
apr2000  genera continuum
may2000  Genera Continuum
may2000  genera continuum (cacti)
apr2000  genera continuum (Melocactus, Discocactus and
aug2000  general rules for taxonomy
aug2000  Genus Cotyledon
jul2000  genus Weingartia
aug2000  Geoff and Gypsum
aug2000  Geoff and Gypsum - Re G. mx & Az hint.habitat
apr2000  geographical names - updated
aug2000  Geohintonia and Aztekium
jul2000  Geohintonia mexicana
aug2000  Geohintonia mexicana and his origins
aug2000  Geohintonia relationships (was Re: Cintia and Geohintonia)
jul2000  Georgia Opuntia
mar2000  geranium germination
feb2000  Gerard
jan2000  Gerhard Marx
dec2000  GERMAN edition to Backebergs lexicon
nov2000  GERMAN edition to Backebergs lexicon
may2000  germinating gasterias
apr2000  Germinating seeds ( Political)
apr2000  Germinating Seeds (Political)
may2000  germinating Uncarina
may2000  germinating Uncarina and CYphostemma
apr2000  germination "speed"
mar2000  germination "speed"
sep2000  get cacti_etc cacti_etc.apr97
nov2000  get cacti_etc october 2000
jun2000  Get downy
apr2000  get in touch
mar2000  Ghosts from the past.
jul2000  giant Ferocactus
sep2000  Gila monster
sep2000  gila monsters
nov2000  ginseng poaching
mar2000  Glasshouse Works
mar2000  Glasshouse Works -- a coda
jun2000  Glaucous/farinose
oct2000  Globular Euphorbia
apr2000  Glochids
apr2000  Glued in plants.
oct2000  Glueing
aug2000  Goettingen plant list (was: Interesting observation)
apr2000  Golden Barrels wanted
jun2000  good news about amazone
sep2000  gordon rowley book
aug2000  Gottingen (Interesting observation)
nov2000  GPN article
jul2000  gps altitude accuracy and formats
jul2000  GPS Standards?  _ECT
oct2000  Grafting - Best Placement of Small Scion on Large Stock
jan2000  grafting Did's and Cacti
nov2000  Grafting of Crassulaceae
aug2000  Grafting of seedlings
jun2000  Grafting of seedlings
jun2000  Grafting of seedlings & Re: Succulenta Website
jan2000  Grafting succulents - how far can you go? (was: Re: grafting Did's
jan2000  Grafting succulents - how far can you go? (was: Re: grafting Did's and Cacti)
jun2000  Grafting Workshop
oct2000  Grafting Yuccas
oct2000  Grafting Yuiccas
feb2000  Grafts (weird)
mar2000  Grafts (weird)
apr2000  Graham Biddle's viewpoint
feb2000  Graham Clark/"Cactus Crazy"
mar2000  Graptopetalum
jun2000  Grasshopper Shortage
jun2000  grasshoppers
aug2000  green house
jan2000  Greenhouse Equipment
jan2000  Greenhouse equiptment/ tstats
dec2000  Greenhouse grade plastic & fiberglass
jan2000  Greenhouse Heaters
apr2000  greenhouses
oct2000  greetings
sep2000  Greetings
apr2000  Greetings from Seige Sucre?
dec2000  Gremlins in the BCSS on-line newsletter.
nov2000  Gremlins in the BCSS on-line newsletter.
mar2000  Grigsby 2000 Wish Book
may2000  Grigsby Cactus Garden Email?
mar2000  group generosity
nov2000  Grow light station
apr2000  Grow lights
dec2000  Grow lights
nov2000  Grow Lights
apr2000  Growing cacti from seeds, and where to find Nyctocereus serpentinus
apr2000  Growing Cacti Indoors
jan2000  Growing From Seed
may2000  growing Gymno's
jul2000  Growing hard
jul2000  growing hard, L princips and temps
dec2000  Growing under lights
mar2000  Growing under lights
nov2000  Growing Under Lights
nov2000  Growing under lights (Was:Turbinicarpus klinkerianus, macrochele.)
nov2000  growing under lights - aquarium
aug2000  Grusonia - just a quick one -
aug2000  Grusonia bradtiana cutting to trade
jan2000  Grusonii
may2000  guy in trouble
may2000  guy in trouble in los altos ca.
may2000  guy in trouble suggestion
jan2000  Guy Wrinkle
mar2000  Guy Wrinkle
oct2000  Gymno question
oct2000  Gymnocalicium quehlianum.
may2000  Gymnocalycium and rest
may2000  Gymnocalycium E-mail Group
aug2000  Gymnocalycium mihanovichii cv. 'rubrum'
aug2000  Gymnocalycium rubrum
oct2000  Gymnocalycium seeds
jun2000  Gymnos
may2000  Gymnos
aug2000  Gypsum & Aztekium (was Geoff and Gypsum)
aug2000  Gypsum & Aztekiums
dec2000  H2O2 & KmnO4
feb2000  Haage family
mar2000  Haage family
feb2000  Haage-Dynasty (was: Re: Ages of Succulentophiles)
mar2000  Haage-Dynasty (was: Re: Ages of Succulentophiles)
apr2000  Haageocereus
apr2000  Haageocereus plants
mar2000  Haageocereus, Borzicactus
nov2000  Habitat Conservation -- Sonoran Desert
jun2000  Haemanthus albiflorus
jan2000  Haemanthus albiflos
jun2000  Hailstorm!
apr2000  Hallucinations
jun2000  Hamatocactus
jun2000  Hamatocactus, and then some
may2000  hamatocactus, and then some
feb2000  Hambergers
feb2000  Hammer/Barnhill Lithops Lecture
dec2000  Happy Chrismas to everybody
jun2000  Happy New Year
jan2000  Happy New Year/Our webpages are updated
dec2000  Happy solstice!
jan2000  hard and soft growing
jan2000  Hard vr. Soft Growing
jan2000  Hard vs Soft growing conditions
oct2000  hardiness in the Carolinas
aug2000  Harrisia (Eriocereus) question
aug2000  Harrisia brookii
feb2000  harvesting Rebutia seeds
mar2000  harvesting Rebutia seeds
feb2000  Has AnyOne Ever Seen An Alba Form of E. milii splendens!
mar2000  Has AnyOne Ever Seen An Alba Form of E. milii splendens!
jun2000  have I been dropped from list?
oct2000  Hawk & Owl
dec2000  Hawk & Saguaro
nov2000  Hawk & Saguaro
aug2000  Haworthia
apr2000  Haworthia attenuata & fasciata
apr2000  Haworthia attenuata vs. H. fasciata
jun2000  Haworthia Books
apr2000  haworthia cv hayashi
apr2000  Haworthia cv. 'Hayashi'
mar2000  Haworthia magnifica ssp. mundula 'Batwings'
feb2000  Haworthia photo website
jun2000  Haworthia Photosynthesis
may2000  Haworthia retusa (bloom)
jun2000  Haworthia Revisited
nov2000  haworthia semiglabrata variegate
jul2000  Haworthia Society
nov2000  Haworthia Society
mar2000  Haworthia Society Publications Distributor
nov2000  Haworthia Society Seed Lists
nov2000  Haworthia Society sees lists
aug2000  Haworthiad July
jun2000  haworthias & Phil
oct2000  Hawortia Society Seed lists
jan2000  hawortias-orthene
feb2000  Health
aug2000  Hear, hear.
sep2000  Heat Stress
may2000  Hechtia texensis
sep2000  Heliocereus speciosus
mar2000  Hello
jul2000  Hello and Didiereaceae Paper
oct2000  Hello for all users of cacti_etc from Belarus (Europe).
feb2000  Hello world!
feb2000  Hello!
mar2000  Hello!
aug2000  Help
jan2000  help
jul2000  help
jun2000  help
sep2000  Help
dec2000  Help - seed germination in vitro
jan2000  Help Id some plants (Sanseveria)
nov2000  Help me in index_94
may2000  Help me repot my 2 1/2 foot cereus peruvianus! (please)
jul2000  Help needed
apr2000  help on "what's blooming?"
feb2000  Help please for Epiphyllums
jan2000  Help please for Epiphyllums
oct2000  help with ID
sep2000  Help with ID, culture
mar2000  Help!
jun2000  Help!!
jun2000  Help!! ("Chin Cactus")
sep2000  help/rooting lost plant
feb2000  Helsinki
oct2000  Here is an eyeful
feb2000  Herrerae action
mar2000  Herrerae action
nov2000  Hesperaloe
jan2000  hey
jan2000  Hi 8-)
aug2000  Hi, I'm Jo
oct2000  Hibernation of cacti
jan2000  Hibotan
dec2000  HID lights, etc.
jul2000  High speed germination
jul2000  Hitch-hiking through Africa
aug2000  hobby greenhouse
aug2000  hobby greenhouses
sep2000  Hoffman's Mini-Cactus Delivery
apr2000  Hoidal address
apr2000  Hoidal address?
jul2000  Holes in plants
apr2000  Home Again, Home Again
apr2000  Honesty
sep2000  Honey Bees:  was Tarantula and other scary critters
sep2000  Honeybees on Cactus flowers
feb2000  Hong Kong C&S attractions/nurseries/collections?
jun2000  Hoodia gordoni/repot?
jun2000  Hoodia gordonii
dec2000  Horst Kuenzler
nov2000  Horst Kuenzler
dec2000  Horst Kuenzler etc.
nov2000  Horst Kuenzler etc.
dec2000  Horst Kuenzler in New Mexico 1980s?
nov2000  Horst Kuenzler in New Mexico 1980s?
dec2000  Horst Kuenzler, Belen, New Mexico
nov2000  Horst Kuenzler, Belen, New Mexico
jun2000  hot dry weird snow rain weather
feb2000  hot peppers & birds
feb2000  hot peppers and birds
feb2000  hot peppers cont.
may2000  Hovens field numbers?
apr2000  How big are Cleistocactus
dec2000  How could I buy books in the Czech?
apr2000  how do I get rid of ants?
apr2000  How Do I Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs Indoors?
may2000  How Do I Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs Indoors?
dec2000  How do I support a big Cleistocactus Strausii
jun2000  how do they know when to open the flowers?
feb2000  How long does it take for these seeds to germinate?
mar2000  How long does it take for these seeds to germinate?
may2000  how to identify little red beetles
mar2000  how to root lactea crest?
jul2000  How to unsubscribe
aug2000  How to water seedlings properly
jan2000  Hoya confusion
jul2000  hoya plant
jul2000  hoya plants
apr2000  HPS
apr2000  HPS vs. ???
jul2000  HSCS Show and Sale
apr2000  HTML
feb2000  html file
sep2000  Hummingbird pollination (Was Tarantula and other scary critters)
may2000  Humor + Newbie Questions
jun2000  Humor + Newbie Questions (SOIL FOR TRICHOCEREUS)
aug2000  Huntington Symposium -- additional info
aug2000  Huntington Symposium Gathering
aug2000  Huntington Symposium Gathering (Foik's reputation)
aug2000  Huntington visit
aug2000  Huntington visit?
may2000  HVCSS at Lasdon Park Azalea Festival
apr2000  Hybrid Crassulas
sep2000  Hybrid origin of genera?
aug2000  Hybrids and species
jul2000  Hybrids and species
dec2000  Hydrogen peroxide & potassium permanganate
dec2000  Hydrogen peroxide & potassium permanganate.
dec2000  Hydrogen peroxide & potassium permanganate. Have I to use it?
dec2000  Hydrogen peroxide etc.
dec2000  Hydrogen peroxide...c
oct2000  Hydroponics
may2000  hylocereus undatus
mar2000  Hylocereus, Cissus
dec2000  I doubt in the name of ariocarpus.
dec2000  I doubt in the name of ariocarpus. Please, help me.
aug2000  I forgot (re: I-C Show)
mar2000  I just wonder...
dec2000  I need some help ID'ing a few cacti
jan2000  I was looking through postings at egroups.com
jun2000  I'd like to join
mar2000  I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!!!
jul2000  I'm back
apr2000  I.A.S.
jul2000  I.O.S.
oct2000  IAS renewals
oct2000  IAS web pages
oct2000  ICBN and internet publishing
oct2000  ICBN and internet publishing (Re: )
jul2000  Iceland
jul2000  Iceland Again
may2000  ID help!
may2000  ID help!-Kalanchoe-Sedum
sep2000  ID Mammillaria
aug2000  ID wanted
aug2000  ID Wanted-Mamm.
sep2000  ID Wanted-Mamm.
apr2000  ID's needed
sep2000  ID-wanted Mamm.
sep2000  identification
aug2000  Identification help
apr2000  Ides of March?
mar2000  Ides of March?
nov2000  If you own a web page .....
may2000  Image Library Mistake
may2000  Image Library Mistakes
may2000  Imidacloprid
aug2000  Imidacloprid and spiders
jan2000  Import Permit
jan2000  Import permits
sep2000  In defense of beginers
sep2000  In defense of beginers (was Re: Removal of name/Cactus and Succulent
apr2000  In defense of Brian
jun2000  IN Flower
oct2000  in pain english
oct2000  In Plain English
oct2000  In plain English (was CITES)
aug2000  In search of new cactus club members
feb2000  In Tropical Country what to do ?
mar2000  In Tropical Country what to do ?
nov2000  Indoor light set-up
dec2000  Info on Euphorbia
mar2000  info on posting messages
oct2000  INfo please
mar2000  Information
oct2000  Information
mar2000  inquiry on sources for several Euphorbias
may2000  Insecticide misconceptions
nov2000  Insecticide Question
mar2000  Insecticides
jan2000  inter family grafting
aug2000  Inter-City Show & Sale - More Info
aug2000  Inter-City Show & Sale 2000
jan2000  Interesting Cacti nurseries in spain
aug2000  Interesting observation
oct2000  Internation Plant Names List
apr2000  International Asclepiad Society
may2000  International Asclepiad Society
nov2000  international payments and Haworthia Society
sep2000  International Sansevieria Society
aug2000  International Sansevieria Study Group
jul2000  International Transportation of Cacti
nov2000  Intoducing; Grafting echinocereus`
apr2000  intro
dec2000  Intro
jun2000  intro
apr2000  Intro  de-lurked, Astrophytum capricorne question and what's flowering?
aug2000  intro - Hi cactus people!
oct2000  Intro and Dorstenia foetida
aug2000  Intro, Mitch Schwartzman
apr2000  Introduction
aug2000  Introduction
feb2000  Introduction
may2000  Introduction
sep2000  Introduction
jul2000  Introduction and Sales iInfo: Narcotic and Hallucinogenic Cacti of the New World
aug2000  Introduction from France
nov2000  Introduction- 2nd Time Around
mar2000  Introduction; Sonoran Desert in Arizona (Long)
nov2000  Invitation to All
may2000  IOS
nov2000  IOS 2000 Report
jan2000  IOS Lexicon
jul2000  Is Chloroplast DNA usefull?
dec2000  Is it good combination of npk in the fertilizer for disco seedlings?
may2000  Is Mamm fera-rubra still a valid name?
feb2000  Is my Opuntia well?
dec2000  Is there approved names file on the net free to download?
sep2000  Is this the right name ?
sep2000  Is this the right name?
mar2000  Is Tucson the right choice?
dec2000  Ischnolepis graminifolia
jan2000  ISI
may2000  ISI - European Union.
jun2000  ISI 97-75
aug2000  ISI Database
apr2000  ISI listings
jan2000  ISI Peperomia named
feb2000  It wasn't an Euphorbia....or even a cactus!
feb2000  It wasn't an Euphorbia....or even a cactus! (Stapeliads)
feb2000  Italian language
jun2000  Italian newsgroup
nov2000  Its a little quiet out there...
jul2000  J. Halda/ Lophophora viridescens
feb2000  J.J. Farrell
may2000  jade plant
may2000  jade plant (Crassula ovata)
may2000  Jade plant info
jun2000  Jade plant soil Mix
may2000  Jade plant trunk
mar2000  Jakes cactus attack
apr2000  James Pickering site
jun2000  James Pickering site
apr2000  James Pickering's Web Site Updated
feb2000  January Haworthiad
may2000  Jasminocereus
jun2000  Jatropa
jan2000  Jatropha multifera
jan2000  Jatropha podagrica and Mammillaria blooms
may2000  Jeff's field trip
apr2000  Jeff's pictures
apr2000  Jeffs photos- Pilosocereus keyensis
feb2000  Jennifer Ann
jul2000  Jerrys trip
feb2000  Jews and Euphorbias
aug2000  Jim's "Anti-Raccoon Recipe"
jul2000  Jippi!
apr2000  John M. Coulter's Revision of North American Species of Cactus, 1891
aug2000  John Pilbeam
jan2000  John Pilbeam
feb2000  Join the CSSA now Diana
jan2000  Joke about watering plants
feb2000  Jorgen's Questions
feb2000  Jorgen's questions [soil mix]
apr2000  Jose Luis Aimetta's website
mar2000  Jose's site
nov2000  Joshua Tree Desert Courses
apr2000  Journal delivery
aug2000  Journal of Botany
feb2000  Journals on CD-ROMS
mar2000  Journals on CD-ROMS
sep2000  Judges
sep2000  Judges (Was Taxonomy Wars Revisited-NOT!!!)
sep2000  Judges and Judging
sep2000  Judging
sep2000  Judging/Showing
jul2000  June Report
aug2000  Junior Cactoholic
jun2000  Just been to the store...
sep2000  Kaffeefahrer
sep2000  Kaffeefahrer indeed!
sep2000  Kaffeefahrer-Amateur
jun2000  Kakteencentrum Oberhausen
may2000  Kaktus-ABC
may2000  Kaktus-ABC (was Opuntia parryi ......)
mar2000  Kalanchoe book
jan2000  Kalanchoe identification
jan2000  kalanchoe identification?
may2000  Kalanchoe Pinnata?
jan2000  Kalanchoes, Hard/soft growth
jul2000  Kalenchoe babies
aug2000  Kansas City C&SS Show and Sale
jul2000  Karen's ? L. principis
sep2000  Kate Sessions and the Brandegee's (was Re: Cintia again (was: Re:
nov2000  KCCSS  Web Page Up dated at last.
jun2000  Keeping the list alive
aug2000  Ken Kimmel
dec2000  Knize order continued
dec2000  Knize seed list
apr2000  Knowledge on the list
feb2000  Koehres catalog
apr2000  Koehres seed
feb2000  Koehres seed & artificial lighting
feb2000  Koehres seeds
apr2000  Koehres seeds (was ... )
feb2000  Koehres-Seed via E-Mail?
feb2000  Kohres seed
mar2000  Konference of cactus
aug2000  KontraReSubMortTarok: Cactus DNA and Taxonomy
aug2000  KuaS?
apr2000  L&B
jun2000  L. aurea v. fallax (was Lobivia ferox)
jul2000  L. principis - seed germination
sep2000  L. principis flowers
jun2000  L.williamsii stem rot
jan2000  La Palma succulents of Peter v.d.Puyl
sep2000  Label Prep.
aug2000  Label preparation
sep2000  Label preparation
sep2000  Lady birds and Opuntias
apr2000  Lamaireocereus griseus
apr2000  Lamaireocereus?
oct2000  Language
jan2000  Language Translations
aug2000  Larry Mitich
apr2000  Las Vegas cacti report
sep2000  Las Vegas Nurseries
may2000  Late musings on the Genus Eulophia
oct2000  Late Season Flowers
jan2000  Latin (was Cacti or Cactuses)
jul2000  Latin American/Spanish cactus discussion group
jul2000  latin signature
dec2000  leaning Cleistocactus
apr2000  Leanne and the King Snake
apr2000  Lemaireocereus eburneus plus Trichocereus question.
apr2000  Lemaireocereus pruinosus
apr2000  Lemairocereus pruinosus
jun2000  Leptocereus wrightii
feb2000  letter regarding business
mar2000  Letters/Numbers
sep2000  Leuchtenbergia outdoor culture (was Re: L. principis flowers)
feb2000  Leuchtenbergia taxonomy
feb2000  Leuchtenbergia taxonomy/Yucca band I
feb2000  Leuchtenbergia/Ferocactus
feb2000  Leuchtenbergia/Sclerocactus taxonomy
feb2000  Leuenberger Books
sep2000  Lexan
dec2000  Library cards
mar2000  Library System
jun2000  Life Strategies of Succulents in Deserts
apr2000  Light intensity,spectrum and exposure time needed for Cacti growth.
apr2000  Light levels
dec2000  lighting
nov2000  lighting
sep2000  Lighting
mar2000  liking Thai hybrids
dec2000  Links that fail, was Horst's photo
jul2000  List no 15-2000 online
nov2000  ListProcessor (statistics)
sep2000  Listserver hiccup
apr2000  Lithops
dec2000  Lithops
feb2000  Lithops
jul2000  Lithops
nov2000  Lithops
feb2000  Lithops blooming
oct2000  Lithops Book
feb2000  lithops seedlist
feb2000  Lithops/lights
mar2000  Lithops/lights
sep2000  little ball like things
sep2000  little balls in potting mix
aug2000  little pink flower
may2000  Little red beetles and insecticides misconceptions
may2000  Little red beetles and other tiny creatures
may2000  Little red bugs
feb2000  little vacuum
mar2000  little vacuum
mar2000  Little White Bugs
sep2000  Live long but don't obfuscate?
sep2000  Living Rocks of Mexico Website Updated
apr2000  Living Rocks Site Update
nov2000  living up to a name
nov2000  Living up to a name (continued)
nov2000  living up to a name - a followup
aug2000  Lizetan-Combistabchen for meslies
jan2000  Loam and Silt
apr2000  Lobivia - Fiambala
jul2000  Lobivia caineana - a magnificent flower
feb2000  Lobivia Challenge
mar2000  Lobivia famatiMensis
apr2000  Lobivia famatimensis vs. famatinensis
mar2000  Lobivia famatinensis
jun2000  Lobivia Ferox
mar2000  Lobivia from Fiambala
jul2000  Lobivia in Arizona?!
jul2000  Lobivia pentlandii
may2000  Lobivia pentlandii
sep2000  Lobivia pentlandii
apr2000  Local Clubs
feb2000  longevity in succulentophiles
sep2000  Longiflorae, M. glassii, M. oteroi, etc.
jun2000  Looking For
feb2000  Looking for additional email groups
mar2000  Looking for additional email groups
mar2000  Looking for Books??
jul2000  Looking for locations in Kansas City
oct2000  Looking for Michigan members
nov2000  looking for some slides
jun2000  Looking for:
jul2000  Lophocereus schottii
aug2000  lophophora (or peyote?)
oct2000  Lophophora diffusa varagated seedling
feb2000  Lophophora fricii germination
feb2000  Lophophora Possession-A Federal Crime in the U.S.
jun2000  Lophophora species
aug2000  Lophophora williamsii
jun2000  Lophophora williamsii
aug2000  Lophophora williamsonii
apr2000  Los Angeles Show
mar2000  Los Angeles Show
jul2000  Loss of cephalium in mature melocacti
jan2000  lost adress
sep2000  Lost email messages
nov2000  Lotusland
nov2000  Lotusland, anyone?
may2000  Love virus cure
mar2000  Lower order succulent?
dec2000  Ludwig Bercht seedlist
dec2000  Lunch with a Roadrunner
apr2000  Lurkers
apr2000  lurkers and off subject e-mail
apr2000  Lurking
apr2000  Lurking, politics and succulents.
oct2000  Lynx
jun2000  M. bocasana "Fred"
jun2000  M. bombycina
jun2000  M. elongata - fox-red spines....
may2000  M. elongata - fox-red spines....
apr2000  M. fraileana
may2000  M. fraileana
jun2000  M. machucae
may2000  M. machucae
jan2000  M. plumosa
dec2000  M. pseudoperbella
nov2000  M. pseudoperbella
feb2000  M. saboae group and seeds
feb2000  M. sanchez-mejoradae
aug2000  M. shurlyana/fraileana photo, and stigma color
sep2000  M. shurlyana/fraileana photo, and stigma color
jun2000  M. veltiangulensis
jun2000  M.bocasana cv. "Fred"
dec2000  Machaerocereus flowers
nov2000  Machaerocereus flowers
jun2000  Madagascar Palm
jun2000  Madagascar Palm Caramel
jun2000  Madagaskar palm/Pachypodium lamerei
jan2000  Magazine
apr2000  Magdalena's haworthias
dec2000  Mahiuenia patagonica/poeppigi cultips?
aug2000  Maihuenia poeppigii
dec2000  Maihuenia poeppigii
aug2000  Maihuenias, Austros, Books
apr2000  Mail from F.Vincentz (was Re: Mesembs for beginners? from 1.4.)
apr2000  mail order
oct2000  Mail Receipt problems
apr2000  mail service
sep2000  Mail should be OK again
apr2000  Mailing List
aug2000  Mailing List
mar2000  Mailing List
feb2000  Major Stite Addition
apr2000  Mam. fraileana selffertile?
sep2000  Mam. weingartiana
nov2000  Mamillaria Haudiana
aug2000  Mamillaria Karwinskiana
apr2000  Mamm seeding and book costs
jun2000  Mamm. 'Ann's Shiner'
apr2000  Mamm. seed setting questions
apr2000  Mamm. seed setting questions, among other things
nov2000  Mammillaria
sep2000  Mammillaria  classification scheme ...
jan2000  Mammillaria  id wanted
apr2000  Mammillaria - Cactus File Handbook
jun2000  Mammillaria blooming in Tucson
jul2000  Mammillaria bombycina
jun2000  Mammillaria bombycina
sep2000  Mammillaria classification - correction
may2000  Mammillaria elongata
apr2000  Mammillaria Ginsu-Maru
apr2000  Mammillaria ginsumaru
may2000  Mammillaria group!
nov2000  Mammillaria haudeana
nov2000  Mammillaria hernandezii flower show .....
jul2000  Mammillaria herrerae 'Lady Diana'
jun2000  Mammillaria herrerae 'Lady Diana'
may2000  Mammillaria ID
may2000  Mammillaria ID...
aug2000  Mammillaria leuthyi
apr2000  Mammillaria longiflora blooming
may2000  Mammillaria machucae
sep2000  Mammillaria machucae
apr2000  Mammillaria orcuttii
feb2000  Mammillaria plumosa
mar2000  mammillaria plumosa
feb2000  mammillaria plumosa and unidentified
nov2000  Mammillaria pseudoperbella
jan2000  Mammillaria seeds
oct2000  Mammillaria sp. SB 500
jun2000  Mammillaria triacantha
jun2000  Mammillaria veltiangulensi
jan2000  mammillarias in flower
feb2000  Mammillaris plumosa
mar2000  Mammillaris plumosa
jun2000  Mamms in bloom
aug2000  Mams in need of support
apr2000  Mandacaru update
aug2000  Manfred maculosa
aug2000  Manfreda
sep2000  Manfreda
aug2000  Manfreda maculosa
feb2000  Manfreda virginica
jul2000  Marathon
mar2000  March BCSS Journal available online
mar2000  March Meeting of the HVCSS
jan2000  March-April issue of the Cactus and Succulent Journal (US)
jan2000  Margaret Mee calendar
jun2000  Marko's Day Trip
aug2000  Markos post
oct2000  Mary's pictures online!
dec2000  Mason Congo variegate
nov2000  Mason Congo variegate
nov2000  Massonia pustulata growing question
aug2000  Matrona and ++
oct2000  Matt Johnson's post
oct2000  Matt Opel
mar2000  May-June issue of CSSA journal
jun2000  Mealies
nov2000  mealies
aug2000  Mealies and 409
aug2000  mealies and 409, response, and ?
aug2000  Mealies and 409...
jan2000  mealies in ground soil
feb2000  Mealy bugs
jun2000  Mealy Bugs
jun2000  Mealy bugs - nothing is sacred
may2000  Mealy bugs - nothing is sacred
feb2000  Mealy Bugs again
aug2000  Mealy bugs or fungus
jan2000  mealy invaders
nov2000  Mealy-bugs.
apr2000  Mealys
jul2000  Measure for beer in the US
jan2000  Measurements
jan2000  measurments
jul2000  Medilobivia nigrispina
may2000  Meet another Global Grower at KCCSS
oct2000  Melocactu sp. Soata
oct2000  Melocactu sp. Soata (M. andius)
jul2000  Melocactus
mar2000  Melocactus (matanzanus)
apr2000  Melocactus and Mammillaria
sep2000  Melocactus andinus
aug2000  Melocactus azureus
jun2000  Melocactus azureus
sep2000  Melocactus azureus
sep2000  Melocactus Azureus Cutivation
sep2000  Melocactus branching
jul2000  melocactus conquitaensis
sep2000  melocactus culture
jul2000  Melocactus ID
sep2000  Melocactus ID
sep2000  Melocactus ID.
mar2000  Melocactus matanzanus
oct2000  Melocactus matanzanus - rooted cephalic offset
apr2000  Melocactus morrochapensis
mar2000  Melocactus morrochapensis
nov2000  Melocactus neomontanus fruit
apr2000  Melocactus origin. Agua de Dios
apr2000  Melocactus origin?
jul2000  Melocactus pachyacanthus
sep2000  Melocactus re-potting.
jul2000  Melocactus ruestii
dec2000  Melocactus sp. from Jamesicus
nov2000  Melocactus sp. from Jamesicus
mar2000  melocactus temperatures
jul2000  Melocactus warasii (levitestatus)
sep2000  Melocactus with dichotomous cephalium
nov2000  Melocactus x ?
nov2000  Melocactus x04 by J Pickering
apr2000  Melocactus, Discocactus & Gymnocalycium again
feb2000  melting cactus
mar2000  melting cactus
oct2000  Member Information.
oct2000  Memorial service for Larry Mitich
sep2000  memphis
dec2000  Merry Christmas and...
dec2000  Merry Christmas!
dec2000  Merry Christmas.
may2000  Mesa Garden 2000/2001 plant list
sep2000  MESA Garden Fall lists
jan2000  Mesa Garden January 2000 Seed List
oct2000  Mesa Garden.
jan2000  Mesemb soil
jan2000  mesemb soil, nematodes
apr2000  Mesemb Study Group Bulletin
jan2000  Mesemb Study Group Bulletin Contents
jul2000  Mesemb Study Group July Bulletin
aug2000  Mesembryanthemum crystallinum water budget
jan2000  Mesembs
mar2000  Mesembs
mar2000  Mesembs for beginners
mar2000  Mesembs for beginners?
jul2000  mesembs skin
may2000  Message for CACTI_ETC (fwd)
aug2000  Message for Warren Withers
jan2000  Mesurements again
apr2000  Metal halide lights
apr2000  metal halides
nov2000  mexican trip
nov2000  Mexico Erythrina ?
apr2000  MH Lights / Growing Indoors
mar2000  Miami cacti nurseries
dec2000  Micorrhizas
aug2000  Micranthocereus
sep2000  Micranthocereus
sep2000  Micranthocereus & Discocactus
sep2000  Micranthocereus (etc.)
sep2000  Micranthocereus etc.
dec2000  Micranthocereus flower display (continued)
nov2000  Micranthocereus flower display (continued)
dec2000  Micranthocereus flower show  (continued)
nov2000  Micranthocereus flower show  (continued)
nov2000  Micranthocereus flower show .....
sep2000  Micranthocereus missed postings
dec2000  Micranthocereus streckeri flowers
nov2000  Micranthocereus streckeri flowers
aug2000  Micranthocereus violaciflorus
mar2000  Microgenera
apr2000  Microgenera (Haageocereus)
apr2000  Microgenera (Lobivia, Reicheocactus, Aylostera)
mar2000  Microgenera (Rebutia)
mar2000  Microgenera - lumps
mar2000  Microgenera - lumps Frailea vs. Astrophytum (+ Echinopsis)
mar2000  Microgenera - Melocactus - Discocactus
mar2000  Microgenera - Opuntioids
jul2000  micropuntia
jul2000  Micropuntia images
jul2000  Micropuntia.
jul2000  Micropuntia/Tephrocactus
dec2000  Microsoft
nov2000  Microsoft
apr2000  Mid America Conference
mar2000  Mid America Conference
jun2000  Mid-America Conference
aug2000  Mid-Iowa show and sale
mar2000  Mid-West C&S Conference in St. Louis
jan2000  MidAmerica Conference
jul2000  Mila
may2000  mineral/peat mixes
dec2000  Minerals to make cactiuses(;)) bloom
mar2000  Misc. Questions
aug2000  Missed a di-gest; Monvillea for Magdalena
feb2000  missing Mammillaria pups
aug2000  Missing references I am looking for
aug2000  missing top of plant
sep2000  Misspelled
mar2000  Mites and Lights
nov2000  mixes for discos.--drain material
nov2000  Monaco Exotical garden Society AIAPS
jun2000  Monadenium sp. Tanzania (was Gymnos)
aug2000  Monadenium stellatum
jan2000  Monocarpic Sansevieria
dec2000  Monstrose Arrojadoa dinae
nov2000  Monstrose Arrojadoa dinae
aug2000  monstrose Myrtillocacatus
aug2000  Monstrose Myrtillocactus
apr2000  monstrose?
dec2000  Monstrous Arrojadoa dinae
nov2000  Monstrous Arrojadoa dinae
feb2000  Montana
may2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.apr2000 ready
sep2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.aug2000 ready
mar2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.feb2000 ready
feb2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.jan2000 ready
aug2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.jul2000 ready
jul2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.jun2000 ready
apr2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.mar2000 ready
jun2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.may2000 ready
dec2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.nov2000 ready
nov2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.oct2000 ready
oct2000  Monthly archive cacti_etc.sep2000 ready
jan2000  More Brazilian columnar photos
mar2000  more flowerings
feb2000  More old journals, past and present people
jan2000  more on gasterias
aug2000  More on Selenicereus
jan2000  More photos
apr2000  More quilled "Jade Plants"
jun2000  More quilled "Jade Plants"
may2000  More quilled "Jade Plants"
apr2000  More quilled "Jade Plants" and other unusual cultivars.
apr2000  More succulent orchid ramblings
may2000  More to ID! +
mar2000  Moringa
may2000  Moringa Ovalafolia
feb2000  Most frequent posters
jul2000  Moving tall plants
jul2000  Moving tall plants in pots
aug2000  moving to the mid-west
aug2000  moving to the Midwest
sep2000  Mr. Tsuh's 50%
nov2000  MSG Bulletin 15.4
oct2000  MSG October Bulletin
mar2000  Munich
aug2000  Mushroom treatment
apr2000  Must see
feb2000  MWCSS Show & Sale in Cleveland, Ohio
mar2000  MWCSS Show & Sale in Cleveland, Ohio
may2000  My crested pride ...
apr2000  my error
apr2000  my first hybrids
aug2000  My gift to you...
jun2000  My husband told me not to!
feb2000  My name is Tessa...
jan2000  My name is Tessa...
jul2000  my Pelecyphora is blooming!
may2000  My recent trip to West Utah
jan2000  My small collection + books for sale
jun2000  My turn to pick a nit......... Re: Cooking soil
aug2000  Mycorrhizae
feb2000  Myrtillocactus  geometrizans.
aug2000  Myrtillocactus geometrizans
dec2000  Myrtillocactus geometrizans
aug2000  Myrtillocactus monstrose (crest)
aug2000  Myrtillocactus&Monvillea
aug2000  Myrtillocactus&Monvillea ( was cactus wine)
aug2000  Myrtillocactus, Monvillea
feb2000  Myrtylocactus geometrizans
jul2000  mysterious magical powder?
apr2000  mystery Monadenium
aug2000  Mystery rebutia
mar2000  N  ( Parodia turecekiana )
mar2000  N. "turckeianus"???????
apr2000  N. American Species of Cactus by John M. Coulter online
jun2000  N. ottonis
jul2000  N. ottonis flowering
jul2000  N. ottonis flowering [Was: Jippi!]
oct2000  name
jun2000  Name Changes
jun2000  name changes in cacti
jul2000  Name Confirmations...
may2000  name help
may2000  Name help.
may2000  name?
feb2000  Names for Cactus Shop
sep2000  Names in Benson (following) ?
sep2000  Names in Benson?
aug2000  naming rules and conventions
jul2000  Narcotic and Hallucinogenic Cacti of the New World
feb2000  nasty house finches
jan2000  nasty house finches
feb2000  nasty house sparrows
dec2000  Navajoa Discussions - forum Sclero, Pedio,Toumeya, Navajoa,Yucca etc.
apr2000  Nectar-Feeding Bats in the Columnar Cacti Forests of Central Mexico
jun2000  need advice E grusonii
apr2000  Need cultural information on Dorstenias
sep2000  need help !
jul2000  Need help - pereskia ID
nov2000  Need help badly, w/ cuttings/ division
jan2000  Need help identifying cacti
sep2000  need help raising seed/lings
sep2000  need help with bookmarks
sep2000  Need help with ID's
jan2000  need i.d.
aug2000  Need nothogenera advice
feb2000  Need phone number for CSSA
jul2000  Neobuxbaumia euphorbioide ?
may2000  neobuxbaumia euphorbioides
may2000  Neobuxbaumia polylopha
oct2000  Neochilenia paucicostata.
mar2000  Neoevansia fosteriana nizandensis
mar2000  Neoevansia fosterianus v nizandensis
feb2000  Neoraimondia
aug2000  netiquette
mar2000  new
dec2000  New  Book
feb2000  New  Member
jan2000  New 2000 catalog now available
feb2000  new address
mar2000  New adress
dec2000  New Book
jan2000  new book
oct2000  new book
jun2000  New booklists
sep2000  New brazilian cactus site
sep2000  New Brazilian website
jun2000  New Catalogue
mar2000  New club page
aug2000  new computer so?
jan2000  New Coryphantha-homepage
feb2000  New CSSA Affiliate Homepage
mar2000  New CSSA Affiliate Homepage
jun2000  New domain links
apr2000  New e-mail address
aug2000  new e-mail address
nov2000  New E-Mail address
mar2000  New e-mail adress
dec2000  New email address
nov2000  New email address
aug2000  new email for FONTAINE pierre
mar2000  New Email Group Formed
nov2000  New features
dec2000  New fhnavajo link
may2000  New Forest Cacti
mar2000  New German Calendar of Events
jun2000  new groups
mar2000  new growth
feb2000  New Hoya List
apr2000  new Journal
oct2000  New list and correction
apr2000  New Member
feb2000  New member
jul2000  New Member
jun2000  New member
mar2000  new member
jul2000  New Member Intro
jul2000  New member Niki
feb2000  New member to list - Epi hybrids
feb2000  New member to the list.
jun2000  New Member'
dec2000  New Mexico Cactus Research
nov2000  New Mexico Cactus Research
nov2000  New NEWS page on the BCSS web site
feb2000  New Nursery on line
dec2000  New on Cactus Mall Server
nov2000  New on Cactus Mall Server
dec2000  New on-line seed source
jan2000  New Pachypodium Book
apr2000  New page
jul2000  New page on cochineal
aug2000  New pics
jul2000  new pictures
jan2000  New pictures on my web-site
jan2000  New plant with out of season flowers
jan2000  new product
jun2000  New Search Engine configuration
sep2000  New site
apr2000  New subscription
jun2000  New succulent related web site
aug2000  New theories on cacti evolution and US researchers
jul2000  New time lapse movies
apr2000  New to Group
mar2000  New to Group
mar2000  New To Gruop
may2000  New updated Photo Gallery with 300 photos
jan2000  New URL for The Cactus File
mar2000  new web site
feb2000  New website
jan2000  New Year updates
mar2000  New Zealand convention & tour
sep2000  Newbie FAQ's
feb2000  newbie to the list
mar2000  newbie to the list
aug2000  Newcomer
jan2000  News from Pungilandia
jan2000  Nice flower
feb2000  Nicholas Koleszar
dec2000  Nicholas Koleszar& Cactus Blob
nov2000  Nicholas Koleszar& Cactus Blob
may2000  nicotine
may2000  Nicotine (Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs Indoors)
apr2000  Nicotine (Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs Indoors?)
may2000  Nicotine (Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs Indoors?)
may2000  Nicotine and Virus
jun2000  Night bloomers ?
jun2000  Night opening cactus flowers.
mar2000  NMCSS Spring Show
apr2000  no. 3
jan2000  Nomenclatural priority and usage
jan2000  Nomenclatural priority and usage--correction (fwd)
feb2000  Non English
mar2000  none
nov2000  Nopals
jul2000  NORCAL Show
aug2000  not allowed to join
aug2000  not allowed to join????
aug2000  nothogenera advice
may2000  Noto warasii pic.
dec2000  Noto. magnificus
may2000  Noto. warasii?
dec2000  Notocactus Magnificus
jul2000  Notocactus ottonis bud!
nov2000  Notocactus pollination - hybrid or not
sep2000  Notocactus site update
may2000  Notocactus wawarsii?
aug2000  Notonia hebdingii
nov2000  November Meeting of the HVCSS
aug2000  Nuded Senecio haworthii
jun2000  Nurseries in Israel
aug2000  Nurseries in Spain
jun2000  Nurseries on Grand Canaria
apr2000  Nursery business
feb2000  NYC Indoor Gardening Show, 4/4,5,6/2000
apr2000  Nyctocereus question
apr2000  O's
aug2000  O. brasiliensis
jan2000  O. tunicata
jan2000  Obregonia
jun2000  Obregonia graft stock
may2000  Obregonia graft stock
may2000  Obregonia grafting
feb2000  Obscurantism revisited ..(was Re: "Rush and publish..." -
jun2000  Observations of the day.
oct2000  October Haworthiad
oct2000  October Meeting of the HVCSS
jun2000  Oeceoclades
apr2000  Of Orchids, Succulents & Books
apr2000  off topic
may2000  Off topic
aug2000  OFF TOPIC ...Boneheads revisited ... (Re: Cactus DNA and
feb2000  Off Topic observations
jan2000  Off topic--the latest hoax
sep2000  Off Topic: 5-Year Review of Foreign Listed Psittacine Species
jul2000  off topic: how to pronounce Xochitl
apr2000  off topic: snakes
jan2000  Off topic: Vermant Danielle
apr2000  Off topic?
apr2000  Off topic? Tillandsias
jun2000  Off-topic subject from a lurker
jun2000  off-topic, but...
sep2000  OFF-TOPIC: email services
jan2000  Off-Topic: Millennium
apr2000  Off-topic: Snakes
feb2000  Old cactus collectors
feb2000  old journals, past and present people
oct2000  Old Merritt Dunlap's collection
nov2000  old photos
aug2000  OLD Plant Books (RARE)
nov2000  oldest cactus in UK?
aug2000  Omaha show and sale
apr2000  One cotyledon Opuntia seedling.
aug2000  Onesie Twosie Threesie
aug2000  Onesie Twosie Threesie (was Re: Cactus DNA and Taxonomy)
sep2000  Online sources of out-of-print books
apr2000  oops
oct2000  oops!
aug2000  oops, sorry group
aug2000  Open One # 8A2
aug2000  Operculicarya decaryi cuttings
jul2000  Opps! Why Columnar?
jan2000  Opuntia  tunicata
aug2000  Opuntia & Lewis and Clark
feb2000  Opuntia - no glochids
aug2000  Opuntia brasiliensis
jun2000  Opuntia clavarioides
dec2000  Opuntia Ficus indica
jul2000  Opuntia ficus-indica breeding
feb2000  Opuntia fragilis
mar2000  Opuntia fragilis
feb2000  Opuntia fragilis - flowering
mar2000  Opuntia fragilis with red spines!
apr2000  Opuntia Genera
mar2000  Opuntia Genera
mar2000  Opuntia gigantea
mar2000  Opuntia gigantea (short post)
mar2000  Opuntia gigantea?
apr2000  Opuntia humifusa distribution (was Re: snakes)
apr2000  Opuntia ID
aug2000  Opuntia ID
aug2000  Opuntia ID, scale ID
feb2000  Opuntia inamoena
apr2000  Opuntia inamoena x palmadora (?)
may2000  Opuntia lanncobamba
mar2000  Opuntia leptocaulis (then and now)
mar2000  Opuntia leptocaulis (then and now) and Dr. Edward Castetter
sep2000  Opuntia lindheimeri
apr2000  Opuntia Missing Links
jan2000  Opuntia no glochids
feb2000  Opuntia pachypus
mar2000  Opuntia pachypus
may2000  Opuntia parryi
may2000  Opuntia parryi (= Opuntia californica var. parkeri)
apr2000  Opuntia picardoi
sep2000  Opuntia prolifera
mar2000  Opuntia robusta or ficus-indica?
apr2000  Opuntia synonymy
mar2000  Opuntia Tale
jan2000  Opuntia tunicata
jan2000  Opuntia tunicata again
apr2000  Opuntias
mar2000  Opuntias
mar2000  Opuntias and cactus nuts
jan2000  Opuntias in Oregon
apr2000  Opuntioid classification
apr2000  Opuntioid Genera
apr2000  Opuntioid genus sorting, plus one question
jun2000  Opuntioid question for Rob Wallace
aug2000  Opuntioideae genus and all that again...
nov2000  Orbea timelapse...
nov2000  Oregons Echinocactus
jul2000  Oreocereus
jul2000  Oreocereus and Flowers?
jul2000  Oreocereus and their environment
mar2000  Oreocereus hendriksenianus
aug2000  Oreocereus red spots
apr2000  Oreocereus trollii
jul2000  Oreocereus trollii
jul2000  Oreocereus trollii (was web site update)
feb2000  Organ Pipe Cactus NM
mar2000  Organ Pipe Cactus NM
may2000  Organic vs no organic in potting mix
apr2000  Organising Shows and Exhibitions
jan2000  ornithogallum
jan2000  Ornithogallum caudatum
jan2000  Ornithogallum umbellatum
jan2000  Ornithogalum caudatum
mar2000  Orthene ( or others )
mar2000  Orthene (address)
mar2000  Orthene and peppers
may2000  Orthene soluble powder systemic
jul2000  OT (Re: E.laui)
jul2000  OT (Re: Measure for beer in the US)
mar2000  OT (Re: Publishing?)
mar2000  OT (Re: The wedding)
apr2000  OT - Re: Bolivia Troubles
apr2000  OT .. Re: Bye
jul2000  OT ... (was Re: Eriosyce laui)
jun2000  OT Re: name changes
apr2000  OT Re: tea total vegetarianism
dec2000  OT: Calling Magdalena!
aug2000  OT: Lightbulb goes off! (was Re: Harrisia brookii)
aug2000  OT: Rewriting history (Was: Come Back Willy)
jul2000  OT? Brandtian ...(was Re: Peru Trip Pt.2)
feb2000  Other languages
may2000  other succulent group info?
may2000  Other succulents list
jun2000  Outbreak of albinism
apr2000  Outlook Express help needed
aug2000  Pacherocactus orcuttii and naming nothogenera
aug2000  Pachgerocereus
aug2000  Pachgerocereus orcuttii
jul2000  Pachycereus tepamo
nov2000  Pachycormus discolor question
sep2000  Pachycormus, Sarcocaulon and Othonna.
jan2000  Pachypodim rosulatum
feb2000  Pachypodium
apr2000  Pachypodium - Help
may2000  Pachypodium - Help
feb2000  Pachypodium black gulch
jan2000  Pachypodium Book and C&S From Seeds Publication
apr2000  Pachypodium brevicule self compatible?
jan2000  Pachypodium multiflorum
mar2000  Pachypodium rosulatum cuttings
feb2000  Pachypodium wintering at 45 degrees Farenheit
apr2000  Pachypodiums
feb2000  Painting the Desert.....
mar2000  Panarotto catalogue 2000
dec2000  panels for greenhouses etc.
feb2000  paper or electrons?
jul2000  paradoxa, thanks and ?s
jan2000  Parallel (Convergent) Evolution
jan2000  Parallel convergence
jan2000  Parkways Lithops
oct2000  Parodia jarmilae
nov2000  Parodia jarmilae once more
mar2000  Pass the Pereskia Please (bleo/corrugatta and Mescaline)
aug2000  Passing of Dr. Larry Mitich
mar2000  peat
mar2000  Peat and etc.
apr2000  pectinaria and lithops
may2000  pectinaria and lithops (just the former)
apr2000  Pedio Seed Germination  (Practical)
mar2000  Pedio watering
jun2000  Pedio's & Sclero's "in mid-europe"
jun2000  Pedio/Sclero/Navajoa/Toumeya germination and growing in mid-Europe?
jun2000  Pedio/Scleros germination and growing in mid-Europe?
mar2000  Pediocactus
apr2000  Pediocactus - Sclerocactus-Yucca
jan2000  Pediocactus and Epithelatha, (for those in the loop)
apr2000  Pediocactus and Sclerocactus seed germination
mar2000  Pediocactus bradyi ssp. winkleri/Yucca I book
mar2000  Pediocactus despainii & bradyii flowers
mar2000  Pediocactus in bloom
aug2000  Pediocactus in Oregon and Washington
mar2000  Pediocactus simpsonii
jan2000  Pediocactus simpsonii -Sectio Pediocactus etc.
mar2000  Pediocactus; things in bloom
mar2000  Pedios
may2000  Pelargonium dormancy
dec2000  Pelargonium Page
nov2000  Pelargonium Page
dec2000  Pelargonium/Sarcocaulon
nov2000  Pelargonium/Sarcocaulon
jul2000  Pelecyphora
may2000  Peniocereus greggii
may2000  Peniocereus greggii. Thanks.
may2000  Peniosereus greggii
feb2000  Pennsylvana visit
feb2000  Pennsylvania Visit/Feb 21st
sep2000  Peperomia infloresence
feb2000  pepper and squirrels (was A Bit Off Topic)
feb2000  pepper and squirrels (was A Little Off Topic)
feb2000  pepper and vermin
feb2000  peppers and birds
jan2000  Pereskia
mar2000  Pereskia
mar2000  Pereskia ??? (was DEFINITION OF " SUCCULENT PLANT ")
feb2000  Pereskia aculeata godseffiana
mar2000  Pereskia aculeata godseffiana
mar2000  Pereskia germination
mar2000  Pereskia godseffiana var. aculeata
mar2000  Pereskia nutrition
apr2000  Pereskia succulent?
mar2000  Pereskia succulent?
oct2000  Pereskiopsis
oct2000  Pereskiopsis.
aug2000  Perlite   was Onesie Twosie Threesie
jan2000  permits
nov2000  person to contact in San Diego CA. area
feb2000  Personalities
aug2000  Peru Trip
jul2000  Peru trip
jul2000  Peru trip etc./Sulcorebutia book/Yucca
jul2000  Peru trip Part 10
jul2000  Peru Trip Part 11
jul2000  Peru Trip Part 12
jul2000  Peru Trip Part 15
jul2000  Peru Trip Part 18
jul2000  Peru Trip Part 9
aug2000  Peru Trip Pt 20, G'bye Nola!
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 13
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 14
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 16
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 17
aug2000  Peru Trip Pt. 19
aug2000  Peru Trip Pt. 21
aug2000  Peru Trip Pt. 22 The End
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 4
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 5
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 6
jul2000  Peru trip Pt. 7
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt. 8
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt.2
jul2000  Peru Trip Pt.3
jul2000  Peru trip, answers
nov2000  Peruvian Old Man --  move or cut back?
feb2000  pests
aug2000  ph and rebutia
aug2000  pH and Rebutia soil
aug2000  PH levels (was Re: Seed raising questions)
jan2000  Philips TLD 18W/865
aug2000  phor oh sqrt(81)
mar2000  photo test
apr2000  Photography of cacti
mar2000  photopoint website, small changes
aug2000  Photos
jun2000  photos of California plants
sep2000  Photos of Echinocereus metornii and Echinomastus johnsonii
dec2000  Photos of outdoor professional private collection
nov2000  Photos of outdoor professional private collection
sep2000  Phyllo-Database
oct2000  Phyllo-Database (in dig: 2402)
mar2000  Phyllos in the web
mar2000  Phylogeny of Cactaceae
jan2000  picture files
jan2000  Picture of Coryphantha wanted
jun2000  pictures of Chilean cacti
apr2000  Pictures wanted!!!
apr2000  Pilbeam's new Mammillaria book
mar2000  Pilosocereus densiareolatus (superfloccosus)
aug2000  Pilosocereus palmeri
aug2000  Pilosocereus palmerii question
jun2000  Pinching flowers from Cacti and Succulents
jan2000  Planning trip to Chile and Argentina
feb2000  plant breeding cactus
feb2000  Plant exchange
jan2000  plant ID
jul2000  plant id
dec2000  Plant Identification
nov2000  Plant Identification
jul2000  Plant names index online
feb2000  plant sale in Ventura Cty, Calif.
jan2000  Plantlets
nov2000  Plantlets forming on stems of Haworthia
nov2000  Plantlets on Flower Stalks
apr2000  Plants and Labels
jan2000  plants and mammals
jan2000  Plants for Sale
apr2000  Plants in China
apr2000  plants without labels
jul2000  plastic pots
sep2000  Plate 81  -  Yucca
apr2000  Please help identify plants
jun2000  Please help!
sep2000  please identify  a plant
sep2000  please identify a plant
dec2000  Please quit sending me crap
apr2000  please respond
apr2000  please revise e-mail list
sep2000  Please send
dec2000  please terminate subscription
dec2000  please unsubscribe @ cacti_list etc
mar2000  Please unsubscribe {elfter@altavista.com}
apr2000  Please write me to conference
oct2000  Plectanthrus
oct2000  Plectranthus
jan2000  pleiospilos
jan2000  Pleiospilos nelii
jan2000  Plieospilos nellii
feb2000  poison sap - adenium, euphorbias
mar2000  poisonous needles and flowerng cactus
apr2000  Politics
apr2000  Politics et al.
apr2000  Politics etc.
aug2000  Pollen and populations
apr2000  Pollen and Tillandsia flowering
jul2000  pollen fertility
aug2000  Pollen fertility is not the same as seed production
jul2000  pollen fertility is not the same as seed production
sep2000  Pollen fertility is not the same as seed production
nov2000  Pollen viability
jul2000  Pollinating flowers
jun2000  Pollinating yucca
may2000  Pollinating yucca
jul2000  Pollination of Raphionacme
sep2000  Portsmouth and District Branch Show UK
jul2000  Portugal and cacti
feb2000  Portulacaceae seed
jan2000  Portulacaceae seed
feb2000  Possible Vancouver trip
jul2000  Post to Newcrops group
jul2000  postcard
apr2000  Pot temps, splitting, harvesting, vine wevil.
jun2000  potassium against root-mealy bug?
jul2000  Pots
sep2000  Pots
jul2000  Pots:Clay v plastic
feb2000  potted cacti getting wet
jul2000  Potting
jun2000  potting for Ceropegia
mar2000  Potting Mix, was Re: new
jul2000  Pre-immergent herbicides
jan2000  Pregnant Onion
nov2000  preserving your cactus for posterity
jun2000  Prickled greetings from Slovenia
aug2000  Print one Topic
sep2000  Problems
may2000  Problems resolving
apr2000  Problems with Christmas cactus
aug2000  Products to prevent Mealies/Spider Mites
jul2000  Propagating Ceropegia fusca from stem cuttings
jun2000  propagation
feb2000  propagation of Cucurbits
may2000  Proposed Changes to CITES
jan2000  Protecting Cacti from House Sparrows
jan2000  Pseudolithos migiurtinus seed available for trade.
jun2000  pubescent
mar2000  Publishing?
jan2000  Pugilandia
jun2000  Puma clavarioides
feb2000  Pumice etc
mar2000  pumice source
oct2000  pumkinhead
jun2000  Puna bonniae vs. subterranea
jun2000  Puna clavarioides
jun2000  Puna clavaroides
aug2000  Puna subterranea/Opuntia subterranea
jan2000  Pungilandia
apr2000  pups facing east
apr2000  Puya
apr2000  Puya alpestris
jun2000  Pygmaecereus bieblii - looking for Mr. Biebl
apr2000  Pygmaeocereus
mar2000  Pygmaeocereus
apr2000  Pygmaeocereus bylesiana
sep2000  Quail botanical gardens
sep2000  Quaqua incarnata
oct2000  quartz sand
apr2000  Queer Page 16
may2000  Quest for Euphorbia poissonii
dec2000  question
jul2000  question
nov2000  question
oct2000  question
dec2000  question (C. forbesi)
nov2000  question (C. forbesi)
dec2000  question (Cereus forbesii)
nov2000  question (Cereus forbesii)
oct2000  question about Echinopsis.
oct2000  question for cereoid names
may2000  Question for London (UK) based cactophiles
jan2000  question from catrine
may2000  Question on Bursera
nov2000  question on care for winter flowering cacti
sep2000  question on grit
jul2000  Question regarding re-potting cacti
jul2000  Questions ... answers
feb2000  Questions about Gasteria gracilis and its variegated cultivars
may2000  Questions, questions, ques...
mar2000  Quiabentia
feb2000  quit please
mar2000  Quitobaquito Springs? and Bursera
aug2000  R.  senilis (was:  R.  wessneriana quizz) >
aug2000  R. senilis
aug2000  R. senilis (was: R. wessneriana quizz)
jul2000  r.paradoxa, Martin Tversted
aug2000  R0-Pel and cats
feb2000  R: Italian language
aug2000  Raccoon Recipe
aug2000  raccoon remedy
jun2000  rain
jun2000  rain in Tucson!
feb2000  RAIN!
mar2000  RAIN!
feb2000  Rainbow Gardens Bookshop catalog update
dec2000  Rainbow Gardens Bookshop new list
feb2000  rainfall and small cacti in the Chihuahuan
feb2000  rainfall and small cacti in the Chihuahuan (from Tucson rainfall)
may2000  raising B. liliputana from seed
oct2000  Raising from seed
feb2000  Raising Portulaccaceae from seeds
jan2000  Raising Portulaccaceae from seeds
jul2000  Ram Gandhi, E-mail
jul2000  raphionacme
jul2000  Raphionacme again
aug2000  Rare Earth and Sclerocacti
sep2000  Rattlesnakes and gila monsters
apr2000  Rawlins
may2000  re : aporocactus cuttings
may2000  re : Chileans cacti
jan2000  Re : Greenhouse Equipment
may2000  Re : Little red beetles
may2000  RE :Image Library Mistakes
may2000  Re :survival of the fittest
jul2000  re brian bates trip/rebutias/war of the pacific
feb2000  Re cactus cafe
may2000  Re cactus growth
nov2000  re commercial messages
dec2000  Re digital cameras.
sep2000  Re Label preparation
mar2000  re potting mix
sep2000  re rebutia mystery
jan2000  Re receipt of check for membership
dec2000  Re Richtersveld Book
jun2000  re Steno. Catorce
aug2000  Re stubborn pups
nov2000  re Tropiflora and Dioscorea
dec2000  re you request
may2000  Re'Anyone got an Aporocactus'?
sep2000  Re- Arthrocereus
may2000  Re- Echinocereus metornii
dec2000  Re- Electronic Camera
nov2000  Re- Electronic Camera
jul2000  Re. a Bud !! Leuchtenbergia princips
nov2000  re. T. Shaferi,
nov2000  Re.: transplanting
sep2000  Re; Dirty Old Man
jan2000  RE; False Sea Onion
jul2000  re; rhipsalis drawings
may2000  Re;exotica-Erkelenz
apr2000  Real de Catorce  (was Echinofossulocactus hardiness)
mar2000  Rebutia
mar2000  Rebutia & Gimnocalycium
feb2000  Rebutia again
mar2000  Rebutia again
apr2000  Rebutia albopectinata
aug2000  Rebutia and my observations from Bolivia
aug2000  Rebutia and ph
aug2000  Rebutia and soil ph
jul2000  Rebutia Culture
jul2000  Rebutia culture.
apr2000  Rebutia marsoneri
aug2000  Rebutia mystery
sep2000  Rebutia mystery
sep2000  Rebutia mystery final answer!
mar2000  Rebutia narvaecensis
jun2000  Rebutia nervaecensis
mar2000  Rebutia oculata
jun2000  Rebutia schwebsiana
jul2000  Rebutia seed and Peru
mar2000  Rebutia seed set
aug2000  Rebutia seedlings
apr2000  Rebutia segregates
jul2000  Rebutia self compatability
mar2000  Rebutia Self Compatability
aug2000  Rebutia wessneriana quizz.
sep2000  Rebutia wessneriana/senilis
jun2000  Rebutia zwebsiana
jul2000  rebutia, sulco and lobivia
aug2000  rebutia/sulcorebutia culture
jul2000  rebutia/sulcorebutia culture
apr2000  Rebutias
feb2000  Rebutias again
mar2000  Rebutias again
jul2000  rebutias and sulcos
mar2000  Rebutias espinosae
aug2000  Recall:
jan2000  Recent plant orders
jul2000  Record?
aug2000  red redder redst
aug2000  Red spots on
aug2000  Red spots on Oreocereus
jan2000  red tape
dec2000  Ref: Digital Cameras et al
nov2000  Regarding self pollenation
nov2000  Regarding self pollination
mar2000  Reicheocactus
may2000  Rejected
feb2000  Rejex-it Message Board
jun2000  Rejuvenating Echinocactus grusonii.
apr2000  Relabelling plants
apr2000  Reminder
aug2000  Reminder re Tampa C & S Show
sep2000  Removal of name
sep2000  Removal of name/Cactus and Succulent Forum
sep2000  Removal... in defense
jan2000  Remove or not
jun2000  Repairing smudged bloom
jul2000  replyto Holford Jul 12
dec2000  Repotting a Carnegie
dec2000  repotting a Carnegie gigantae
dec2000  Repotting a Carnegiea
apr2000  Request
jan2000  Request for habitat info
oct2000  request for more moving advice
jul2000  rerooting Jatropa Berlandieri
jun2000  rerooting Jatropa Berlandieri
feb2000  research ongoing on bird repellent
mar2000  Resignation
jan2000  Response for Phil - my stats
mar2000  response from Glasshouse Works
oct2000  Re[2]: Eriocereus pomanensis... or eriocactus pomanensis?
jan2000  Re[2]: Picture of Coryphantha wanted
jul2000  rhipsalis article
jan2000  Rhipsalis flowering calendar (was Jatropha podagrica)
jul2000  Rhipsalis ID (was paradoxa)
jul2000  Rhipsalis info
jul2000  Rhipsalis paradoxa
jan2000  Rhipsalis Riddle
may2000  Rhombophyllum
may2000  Rhomophyllum nelii
mar2000  Rhytidocaulon
may2000  Rhytidocaulon
jul2000  Ribs/flanges
dec2000  Richtersveld book
sep2000  Richtersveld The Enchanted Wilderness
jun2000  Richtersveld. The Enchanted Wilderness by Dr Graham Williamson
jun2000  Right Handedness in Cactus
may2000  Right name ?
apr2000  Rio Grande
apr2000  Rio Grande Cacti
mar2000  Rio Grande Cacti
apr2000  Riogrande Cacti
feb2000  Roach Motel/Expensive seed
sep2000  Road trip thru the South !
nov2000  Roadrunner in the Greenhouse
jan2000  Rochester NY
jan2000  Rochester, NY
dec2000  Roffing Material
dec2000  Roofing material
jun2000  Root Loss in Euphorbia suzanne
jun2000  Root Loss in Euphorbia suzanne - Off topic
jun2000  root mealies
sep2000  Root mealies or Fungus?
aug2000  Root Meally bugs - will they ever go?
aug2000  Root Mealy Bugs or fungus?
feb2000  Root pruning
feb2000  Root pruning and washing
feb2000  root washing
aug2000  Rooting Aloe cuttings.
aug2000  rooting Aporocactus
aug2000  rooting aporocactus flagelliformis
aug2000  rooting aporocactus flagelliformis,response
apr2000  Rooting Cristates
mar2000  rooting Lactea crest
aug2000  Rooting Rat Tails
oct2000  Rooting Yuccas
jul2000  Rootless Ferocactus californicus
jun2000  Rootless Ferocactus californicus
aug2000  Rootshield
jun2000  rot at graft
jul2000  rot in rhipsalis paradoxa
jun2000  rot removal
sep2000  Rowley Book
sep2000  Rowley's Encyclopedia
aug2000  rude cowboy (was "About subject line")
feb2000  Rush & Publish
mar2000  Rush and publish
nov2000  RUST ON CACTI
jul2000  S whipplei - joke
oct2000  Saguaro Cactus
apr2000  Saguaro flowers
jun2000  Saguaro flowers & fruit
oct2000  Saguaro's in snow
oct2000  Saguaros
oct2000  Saguaros in the snow
apr2000  Sale!
feb2000  San Diego in February
jan2000  San Diego in February
jan2000  San Diego In Februay
jun2000  San Diego show
dec2000  San Diego Winter Show
feb2000  San Diego/Arizona in Feb.--not
jun2000  San Francisco Show & Sale
jun2000  San Francisco Succulent & Cactus Society Show/Sale
jan2000  San Gabriel Cactus and Succulent Society re-membership fee
dec2000  san gabriel intercity show 2000 web site
may2000  San Jose Show and Sale
jan2000  sanseviera
jan2000  Sansevieria flowering times
oct2000  Sansevieria show
aug2000  Sansevieria Study Group
jan2000  Sansevieria web page
jan2000  Sansevierias
may2000  Santa Barbara Cactus and Succulent Display and Sale
jul2000  Sarcocaulon
sep2000  Sarcocaulon
jan2000  Sarcocaulon multifidum
jan2000  Sarcocaulon multifidum (and vanderietiae)
mar2000  Sarcocaulon vanderietiae
oct2000  say WHAT??
sep2000  Say WHAT???
oct2000  SB500
mar2000  scale infestation
aug2000  Scale infestation on opuntia
jul2000  scales
aug2000  scales, a response
jul2000  scales, a response
feb2000  scanning magazines for a CD
feb2000  Scanning magazines for CD
apr2000  scene in "the story of us"
mar2000  schinzii, quartziticola and others
sep2000  Schlumbergera fruits
nov2000  Schlumbergera opuntioides
mar2000  Schultz Clay Soil Amendment
oct2000  Schwartz Gift
jul2000  Sclero at Shiprock
nov2000  Sclero Spinosior/Pubispinus
nov2000  Sclero Spinosior/Pubispinus   && cultivation
may2000  Sclerocactus glaucus Grand Mesa Purpus Cactus Colorado
jan2000  Scottsdale Nurseries
jan2000  Scottsdale, AZ?
jan2000  Scottsdale, AZ? (fwd)
feb2000  SE Conference - update
feb2000  Se Conference Update
jan2000  sea onions
jan2000  Sea Onions and Fashion
nov2000  search
oct2000  Search engine
sep2000  Search engine
jun2000  Search engines revisted.
aug2000  Search for AL972
jan2000  search for echinocactus gru.& forocactus.gra.
may2000  searching for plants.
apr2000  searching lithops
dec2000  Seasons Greetings
dec2000  Seasons Greetings etc.
apr2000  Secrets to growth?
apr2000  Section Rhytidospermae P. bradyi - E. coccineus-BML-Yucca
jul2000  Sedum
jul2000  Sedum and cacti
aug2000  Sedum article
feb2000  SEDUM KIMNACHII, a new name for a widely grown Sedum.
oct2000  Sedum Society newsletter
may2000  Seed  allocation
may2000  Seed  allocation & Gasteria sowing
sep2000  Seed "oops"
oct2000  Seed and dried plant restrictions
aug2000  Seed availability
aug2000  Seed Cleaning
aug2000  Seed cleaning querry
aug2000  Seed cleaning query
jul2000  Seed formation
apr2000  seed freshness
apr2000  seed germenation inhibitor
aug2000  seed germination
may2000  Seed germination inhibitors
apr2000  Seed Germination Rate, Another Possible Help!
aug2000  seed germmination
mar2000  Seed Growing
sep2000  seed maturity, etc.
jul2000  seed propagation
may2000  seed propagation
feb2000  Seed raising methods
aug2000  Seed raising questions
jun2000  Seed Report and Evil Worms
apr2000  seed starting
apr2000  Seed Vacuum
feb2000  Seed Vacuum
mar2000  Seed Vacuum
apr2000  Seed viability
feb2000  Seedling pictures.
feb2000  seedlings
aug2000  seedlings and derivation of the term sport
sep2000  seedlings and judging
aug2000  Seedlings for sale
jul2000  Seedlings in fruit
aug2000  seedlings within fruit
mar2000  Seedlings...
feb2000  Seedreleated 'newbie' questions.
apr2000  seeds
aug2000  Seeds
jan2000  Seeds
jul2000  Seeds
mar2000  Seeds & Pleiospilos
apr2000  seeds - bottom heating
jan2000  Seeds and cold
apr2000  Seeds and germination rate
sep2000  Seeds and restrictions
apr2000  seeds correctly identified (or not)
feb2000  seeds of Aloes
mar2000  seeds of Aloes
apr2000  Seeds spilling out of M. boolii when harvesting
feb2000  Selecta Succulents
aug2000  Selenecereus
aug2000  Selenicereus
aug2000  Selenicereus (continued)
aug2000  Selenicereus animation
aug2000  Selenicereus grandiflorus (?)
jul2000  Selenicereus grandiflorus (?)
jul2000  self-introduction message
jul2000  self-pollinating Boweia
aug2000  Sempervivum 'Fantasia'
jan2000  Sempervivums in Slovenia (new home page)
sep2000  Senecio ceratistes
jan2000  Senecio kleiniaeformis
sep2000  Senecio petasites
sep2000  Sensitive stamens Was (Bees etc)
aug2000  Sept. 23:  Bus Trip to Bolinas
sep2000  September Meeting of the HVCSS
mar2000  Seramis and seed raising
feb2000  Serangoon? & Mealybugs!
may2000  Server moves
mar2000  set of instructions
sep2000  Setiechinopsis
sep2000  Setiechinopsis fruit
sep2000  Setiechinopsis fruit.
sep2000  Setiechinopsis fruit.... (and reproduction)
sep2000  Setiechinopsis lifespan
aug2000  SF Cactus gardens
jun2000  SFSCS
apr2000  Shade Cloth
may2000  Shade Cloth
sep2000  Shade cloth
apr2000  Shade Cloth vs VENTILATION
apr2000  Shadecloth
apr2000  Shape of cacti
jul2000  Sharing info re outdoor cacti gardens in Florida, zone 8
aug2000  Sharon wants a Selenicereus
jun2000  shops (was: M. elongata - fox-red spines....)
sep2000  Short-lived cacti; was Echinomastus
apr2000  Should I relabel my Mams?
jun2000  Show & Sale
may2000  Show & Sale, 5/20-21
jun2000  Show and Sale
jun2000  Silly...
feb2000  Simultaneous flowering
aug2000  Sincere Condolences
jun2000  Singapore airport cacti garden
may2000  site on Arthrocereus
feb2000  Site Udate, A.agavoides & hybrids
apr2000  Site update
mar2000  Site update/ Epiphylum flower
sep2000  Sky-High Over the Sonoran
dec2000  Slides from digital files
feb2000  slightly off-topic
mar2000  slightly off-topic
apr2000  Slug baiting
jun2000  Slug control by ducks
jun2000  Slug control..
apr2000  slugs
feb2000  slugs
mar2000  slugs
sep2000  small bloomers
oct2000  Small ceroids
may2000  Smallest cactus flower
feb2000  Smart Cactus
jan2000  Smart Cactus
apr2000  Smells
feb2000  smelly
apr2000  snails
apr2000  Snails (re:Wiesbaden, flowering cacti etc)
apr2000  Snake Gender ID
apr2000  snakes
mar2000  Snakes & Owls
apr2000  Snakes-Fighting or mating?
apr2000  Snow
feb2000  So how about my other succulents?
jun2000  so many cactus names
jun2000  so many cactus names cont.
jun2000  so many cactus names continues
sep2000  Soapy ruminations
jun2000  softening upp the soil with water
may2000  softening upp the soil with water
apr2000  soil cohesiveness
nov2000  Soil for Discocactus
oct2000  Soil for Discocactus (was quartz sand)
nov2000  Soil for Discocactus. Are there  variety of mixes for disco?
jun2000  soil for trichocereus
aug2000  Soil Mix
mar2000  Soil Mixes
oct2000  Soil mixes
jan2000  Soil Mixes & Ascleps
oct2000  Soil mixes.
mar2000  Soil Mixunderstanding
aug2000  soil ph
jan2000  Soils
mar2000  Soils (was Turface)
dec2000  Solar eclipse on christmas
dec2000  solstices
dec2000  Solstices and Equinoxes
jun2000  Some happy Pachys  and some not so happy Pachys
aug2000  some more about Maihuenia poeppigii and M. patagonica
may2000  some photos added
aug2000  somethin' or another williamsonii
aug2000  something ate my barrel cactus
mar2000  Sonoran Desert in Arizona (Long)
aug2000  Sonoran Desert trip website
nov2000  Sorry about that!
jun2000  Sorry Folks
may2000  Sorry list
sep2000  sorry, no testicles...
mar2000  sorry, private message
nov2000  source for carpobrotus
nov2000  Source for Yellow Hesperaloe
apr2000  sources
may2000  sources
mar2000  Sources of Euphorbias
apr2000  sources(ID?)
nov2000  Sourcing Turface in Ontario
aug2000  South Africa - Cape Province
jun2000  South Africa succulent talk
apr2000  South American small Opuntioids - genus sorting
aug2000  South American studygroups
jul2000  Southwestern Desert in Bloom, Hubert Earle
apr2000  Sowing cactus seeds.
may2000  sowing Cyphostemma
aug2000  Spam
feb2000  sparrows and such
feb2000  sparrows eating plants
apr2000  Specialist lists
may2000  Spectacular Succulent Show in San Diego
nov2000  Spider
sep2000  Spike and Opuntia clavata
feb2000  spines on columnars
aug2000  Spiny Euphorbias offered by ISI identified.
nov2000  spontaneous combustion of yuccas
aug2000  sport does not equal mutation
aug2000  Sports
aug2000  Sports and cultivars
aug2000  Sports and cultivars.
aug2000  Sports and cultivars. response
aug2000  sports cacti
aug2000  Sports: clear as mud?
apr2000  Spreading the word
may2000  Spreading the word
mar2000  Spring
mar2000  Spring in Tucson
mar2000  Spring list
apr2000  Spring propagation
mar2000  springtime is heaven
mar2000  Squaue Mountain
jul2000  St. Louis Show
dec2000  St. Petersburg Visit
feb2000  Stacked grafts
mar2000  Stained Mammillaria
mar2000  Stapelia flower/seed question
jan2000  Stapeliads within Apocynaceae?
apr2000  starting seeds
nov2000  statistics and such
apr2000  stenocactus hardiness
apr2000  Stenocactus hardiness. (Echinofossulocactus)
jun2000  Stenocactus [Echinofossulocactus] phyllacanthus
oct2000  Stenocereus beneckii
dec2000  Stenocereus eruca
nov2000  Stenocereus eruca flowers
apr2000  Stenocereus griseus
jun2000  Stenocereus standleyi flowers
apr2000  Stenocereus/Ritterocereus griseus (syn S. victoriensis
apr2000  Stephen Hammers' Plant list
dec2000  Sterling silver cactus
nov2000  Sterling silver cactus
mar2000  Steve Hammer List
apr2000  Steve Hammer's List
apr2000  Steve hammer's new book
apr2000  Steve Hammer's Nursery
apr2000  Steve Hammer's nursery??
nov2000  Still have some flowering Cacti
mar2000  still wondering what triggers flowers in Easter cactus
mar2000  Stinging Nettle
mar2000  Stinging Nettle - Cnidoscolus
mar2000  Stinging Nettles
may2000  Stock plant for grafting
aug2000  Stubborn pups
may2000  Stubborn pups
jun2000  subject madagascar palm]
apr2000  Subject: back to the beginning, Escobaria vs. Coryphantha
may2000  Subject: Help me repot my 2 1/2 foot cereus peruvianus! (plea se)
feb2000  Subject: Re: Portulacaceae seed
nov2000  Subject: Re: Tropiflora Replies to a Remark Made On This List -> Cactus-mall ethic
nov2000  Subject: source for carpobrotus
apr2000  Subject: Succulent Orchids
aug2000  Subject: Willy and others
aug2000  subjected to      Willy and Ed !!!!
aug2000  subjected to Willy and Ed !!!!
jun2000  subscribe
may2000  Subscribe
oct2000  subscribe
feb2000  Subscription
jan2000  Subscription
apr2000  succ orchids
jan2000  Succeed seed order
dec2000  Succulence
nov2000  Succulence
dec2000  Succulence/ to Elias
apr2000  Succulent
aug2000  succulent dormancy
oct2000  Succulent Ferns
oct2000  Succulent Ferns, was Unknown Plant
apr2000  Succulent Identifier
apr2000  Succulent Orchids
apr2000  Succulent Orchids - Off topic?
aug2000  Succulent peperomias
jul2000  Succulent Peperomias
aug2000  Succulent Plant Page address change
aug2000  succulent plant periodicals
jul2000  succulent propogation
jan2000  Succulent stemmed Geraniaceae
aug2000  Succulent Symposium at the Huntington
jun2000  Succulenta Website
jan2000  Succulents - The NEW Illustrated Dictionary
dec2000  Succulents and rock garden
nov2000  Succulents and rock garden
oct2000  succulents in Asia
dec2000  Succulents of South Africa
apr2000  suddenly mealies
aug2000  Sue Haffner
oct2000  Sue Haffner-so many meetings, so little time
mar2000  Sulco. tarijensis
mar2000  Sulcorebutia cardenasiana
dec2000  Sulcorebutia Rauschii
dec2000  Sulcorebutia Rauschii graft
jan2000  Summer Dormancy
jun2000  Summer dormancy
jun2000  Summer Sunshine
apr2000  Sunburned seedlings
may2000  Superfluity of groups
sep2000  Supplies
aug2000  Support to Willy
may2000  survival of the fittest
jun2000  suscribe
jul2000  Sv: Bowiea volubilis
mar2000  SV: Cat litter
mar2000  SV: Cat litter (was Re: Blossfeldias again)
jan2000  SV: converting measurements
feb2000  Sv: De Herdt.
mar2000  Sv: De Herdt.
jan2000  Sv: Dormancy
jun2000  Sv: Evening and night bloomers.
feb2000  SV: New member to the list.
mar2000  SV: Phyllos in the web
jul2000  Sv: Rhipsalis paradoxa.
mar2000  Sybol
mar2000  synekj@iol.cz
jul2000  Systemics
jan2000  T. bridgesii
oct2000  T. Luzma
jan2000  T.bridgesii
mar2000  Tacitus
mar2000  tacitus bellus
oct2000  Taking cuttings
oct2000  Talk by Dr. Lau
jun2000  TALL! gymno. gibbosum
aug2000  Tampa Bay area C & S sites
aug2000  Tampa, Florida
aug2000  Tanquana seedlings
sep2000  Tarantula
sep2000  Tarantula & Gila Monsters
sep2000  Tarantula and Gila Monsters
sep2000  Tarantula and other scary critters
sep2000  Tarantulas
sep2000  Tarantulas and Gila monsters
jul2000  Tarma
jan2000  tavaresia seeds
aug2000  Taxonomy
feb2000  Taxonomy
jul2000  Taxonomy
mar2000  Taxonomy
jan2000  taxonomy & Asclepiads cont.
jul2000  Taxonomy & DNA
feb2000  Taxonomy (Long post)
mar2000  Taxonomy (Long post)
feb2000  Taxonomy (or is it?)
jul2000  Taxonomy - Opuntia californica
jul2000  Taxonomy and DNA
feb2000  Taxonomy etc
sep2000  Taxonomy Wars Revisited
sep2000  Taxonomy Wars Revisited - NOT!!!
jan2000  taxonomy, sea onions
jan2000  taxonomy/nomenclature
feb2000  Taxonomy/Sclerocactus whipplei/ Cold hard Yucca etc
feb2000  Taxonomy/Yucca nana etc.
mar2000  Taxonomy/Yucca nana etc.
feb2000  Tc paileanus, Tc pulcherrimus
apr2000  tea total vegetarianism
apr2000  Teatotal vegetarianism
mar2000  Technical problem
feb2000  Teesside branch home page
oct2000  Temperature: How low can Echinocereus & Ferocactus sp.
oct2000  Temperature: How low can Echinocereus & Ferocactus sp.   take it?
oct2000  Temperature: How low can Echinocereus & Ferocactus sp. take it?
apr2000  Tephrocactus articulatus
apr2000  Tequila
feb2000  Tessa
feb2000  Test - Echo?
mar2000  Thai Euphorbia milii hybrids
mar2000  Thai Euphorbias
mar2000  Thailand E. milii...
mar2000  thank you
feb2000  Thank You and New E-mail Address for SFCSS
mar2000  Thank You and New E-mail Address for SFCSS
sep2000  Thank you!
apr2000  Thanks
oct2000  thanks
mar2000  Thanks and another question (Growth without flowers?)
mar2000  Thanks and another question.
mar2000  Thanks Dave
jan2000  Thanks for everyone's help! and something About Lee's message...
aug2000  thanks for the advice
mar2000  Thanks for the answers,
feb2000  Thanks for the help!
jul2000  That first moment.....
sep2000  The 2000 Kansas City Cactus and Succulent Show & Sale
sep2000  The best pots for a Frenchman
apr2000  The blockade
nov2000  The Cactus File Handboks - Autumn/Fall Promotion
aug2000  The chemystery of rare earth mycorhizia
sep2000  The DNA poem
sep2000  The DNA poem,
apr2000  The English Language
jan2000  The I.O.S. Lexicon
apr2000  the identity of Crassula 'Blue Bird'
jan2000  The IOS Lexicon (was: Measurements)
aug2000  The morphing of Geohintonia and that flower color
may2000  The name game/and then some
jan2000  The new genus
oct2000  the numbers are back!
dec2000  The original description of Yucca filamentosa var. smalliana (Fernald)
dec2000  The original description of Yucca filamentosa var. smalliana (Fernald) Ahles
apr2000  The peru trip
jul2000  The Plant-Book
jun2000  The Plant-Book
jun2000  The real reason we grow cacti
jun2000  the real reason we grow cactus
sep2000  The Richtersveld The Enchanted Wilderness
jul2000  the same species??
feb2000  the South Africa ALOE
jan2000  the South Africa ALOE
apr2000  The Story of Us/Huntington
oct2000  The Succulent Euphorbieae on Ebay
apr2000  The weather in England
mar2000  The wedding
apr2000  The world is round and evolution is a theory
jan2000  The ZJ field List
apr2000  Thelocactus bicolor var. flavidispinus
mar2000  Thelocactus bicolor, etc.
may2000  Thelocactus hexaedrophorus v. lloydii
may2000  Thelocactus hexaedrophorus v.lloydii
apr2000  Therapy
jan2000  Thermostats
jan2000  They are still "Stapeliads"
sep2000  Thigmatropic stamens
sep2000  Thigmatropic stamens! (was Re: Escobaria delimitation?)
sep2000  Thigmatropism
sep2000  Thigmatropism or  "seismeonasty"
feb2000  This List
sep2000  Thomas Coulter
jun2000  Thrixanthocereus
jun2000  Thrixanthocereus cullmannianus & Melocactus disciformis (zehntneri - Taylor)
nov2000  Tichocereus shaferi
apr2000  Tillandsia
apr2000  Tillandsia&Haworthia&???
apr2000  Tillandsias
apr2000  Tillandsias / Air Plants
sep2000  Tillansia hosts
feb2000  Timber Press 50% sale
feb2000  Timber Press Book SALE - 50%
may2000  Tinted Windows (is UV needed)
jan2000  Tissue Culture of Dorstenia gigas?
feb2000  To a new member - my soil mix
apr2000  To be straight (cactoholic) or not
jan2000  To Caress or Not To Caress
jan2000  to focus or not...
feb2000  to Marija: winter cold
feb2000  To Myron re huge cost of CSSA/CD-ROMs
feb2000  To Ray - Ceresus minima
jan2000  To remove or not remove
jan2000  To remove or not to remove
aug2000  to Roy Price
feb2000  To:  Diane Hunt/language
feb2000  To:  Marija and others who answered
feb2000  To: J.J. Farrell
feb2000  toner cartridges
jun2000  too hot?!
mar2000  Too much mail????
mar2000  Toobees 2000 plant list
jan2000  topic  #24  ...while visiting Scottsdale
oct2000  topic numbering gone
oct2000  topic numbers
sep2000  topic numbers
apr2000  Toronto Cactus and Succulent Club Show and Sale
jan2000  touching plants
jun2000  Toumenia papyracantha
jun2000  Toumeya papyracantha
feb2000  Touring around Tucson
mar2000  Touring around Tucson
feb2000  Touring Utah for 4 days
feb2000  Trade
jun2000  trade
apr2000  Translating web pages (was : Seed vacum)
sep2000  Translation error? (was Re: Amateur)
nov2000  translation of cultivar names
jul2000  Translation of the word "besig"
apr2000  translation perils
oct2000  Translation, please excuse off-topic
feb2000  Translations
oct2000  transplanting
apr2000  Travel Log Cuba
jan2000  Travel to Arizona
jan2000  Travel to London
mar2000  travel to los angeles
may2000  Traveling
oct2000  Tree problem
jul2000  Trichocereus at Berkeley Botanical Gardens
may2000  trichocereus for sale
apr2000  Trichocereus hybrid flowers
oct2000  Trichocereus luzma
jul2000  Trichocereus Pasacana
nov2000  Trichocereus schaferii
apr2000  Trichocereus scopulicola
may2000  Trichocereus seedlings for sale (US/Puerto Rico)
nov2000  Trichocereus shaferi
jun2000  Trichocereus spachianus- breaking
jul2000  Trichocereus terscheckii
nov2000  Trichocereus terscheckii - flowers & pollinator
jul2000  Trichocereus terscheckii flower
jun2000  Trichodemia
jul2000  Trichodemia or Trichodiadema
jul2000  trip
jun2000  Trip from Iowa to Portland
jan2000  trip to Arizona
jul2000  trip to AZ & invitation
dec2000  Trip To England
aug2000  Trip to U.K.
jun2000  Trixanthocereus blossfeldiorum
aug2000  TROLL ??! (was ..Re: Cactus DNA and Taxonomy)
nov2000  Tropiflora Dioscoreas
nov2000  Tropiflora Remark
nov2000  Tropiflora Replies to a Remark Made On This List
oct2000  Tropiflora Replies to a Remark Made On This List
sep2000  Tropiflora Replies to a Remark Made On This List
nov2000  Tropiflora responds to a remark made on this list
nov2000  Truth and falsehood about cacti
jul2000  Trying to locate source
sep2000  Tubercle/Areol propagation?
oct2000  Tubercle/areole activation
oct2000  tubercle/areole propagation
aug2000  tubers of Ceropegia (linearis ssp.) woodii
jan2000  Tucson
jan2000  Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society web page
jul2000  Tucson invite + Trichocereus pasacana
jun2000  Tucson weather
may2000  Tucson weather
feb2000  Tucson's drought & ruminations
mar2000  Tucson, ha! (or how many cacti?)
feb2000  Turb. pailanus
feb2000  Turbi offsets?
nov2000  Turbinicarpus + light
nov2000  Turbinicarpus + polaskii
nov2000  Turbinicarpus klinkerianus, macrochele.
jun2000  Turbinicarpus page
nov2000  Turbinicarpus seed size & germination
nov2000  Turbinicarpus site update
sep2000  Turbinicarpus site update
mar2000  Turface
nov2000  Turface
mar2000  Turface (native soil mixes)
mar2000  Turface (was kitty litter)
nov2000  Turface in Canada
mar2000  Turface/peat
nov2000  Turface/response where to get
apr2000  Twin seedlings
sep2000  Twinned Cacti
apr2000  Twins
jun2000  Twins?
sep2000  Two books for the Discerning???
aug2000  two kinds of cultivars
aug2000  Two new addresses
jun2000  Two Questions: One on Plant ID(again) and One One "Euphorbia Rot(For Lack of Bette Term)
mar2000  Two things
may2000  Two Welwitschias in the same pot?
oct2000  Tylecodon buchholzianus
oct2000  Tylecodon bucholzianus
oct2000  Tylecodon buckholtziana
aug2000  Tylecodon/Cotyledon sinus-alexanderii
mar2000  Type of collector
feb2000  Types of collectors
mar2000  Types of collectors
apr2000  U.K. Miracle-Gro
aug2000  U.K. Visit
dec2000  Uebelmannia first flowering
nov2000  Uebelmannia first flowering
dec2000  Uebelmannia flavispina flowers
nov2000  Uebelmannia flavispina flowers
may2000  Uebelmannia pectinifera
nov2000  Uebelmannia pectinifera flowers
sep2000  Uglyness of old Echinopsis (Setiechinopsis) mirabilis
may2000  Uh Oh!
sep2000  uh-oh!!
mar2000  Uhlig-Kakteen 2000 List
mar2000  UK Insecticide for Mealies
apr2000  UK Insecticides
apr2000  Uma campanha do nosso interesse!!
aug2000  Unauthorized quoting (was "About subject line")
feb2000  Uncarina
mar2000  Uncarina
apr2000  uncloaking
aug2000  Understock
aug2000  unhappy Cotyledon tomentosa
jan2000  unidentified plants
mar2000  Units of measure
aug2000  Unknown Asclepiad (was New Picts)
dec2000  unknown Austrocactus
nov2000  unknown Austrocactus
dec2000  Unknown mammillaria
jun2000  unknown Mammillaria
nov2000  Unknown mammillaria
jun2000  Unknown Mammillaria!
aug2000  unknown Pilosocereus
jul2000  unknown Pilosocereus
oct2000  unknown plant
oct2000  Unknown plant!
oct2000  Unknown plant! = Psilotum nudum
nov2000  unlabeled ceroids
feb2000  Unorthodox grafts
aug2000  unpleasant atmosphere
aug2000  Unscrib.
feb2000  unscubscribe
mar2000  unscubscribe
aug2000  unsubscribe
aug2000  Unsubscribers
aug2000  Unsubscribing from cacti_etc mailing list
mar2000  Unusual spines
jan2000  Unusual winter bloom
oct2000  Up to 70% Savings On Your Life Insurance FREE Quote!
apr2000  update
jan2000  Update
apr2000  Update on my homepage pics
jan2000  Update Succulenta Website
mar2000  Update Succulenta Website
sep2000  Update Succulenta Website
sep2000  update website
nov2000  Update, Seedlist and index
nov2000  Updated book lists
jun2000  Updated columnar website
jun2000  Updated columnar website (Trichocereus)
jun2000  Updated Lobivia names site
sep2000  Updated photo gallery
jan2000  Updated seedling plant list
feb2000  Updated site!
apr2000  updated..
oct2000  Updates etc
apr2000  Upside down Sarcocaulon
sep2000  Urban Legends
oct2000  Urban Legends (was Virus Warning)
sep2000  Urban Legends: Kabuto
aug2000  URI/URL
jun2000  US cactus sites/sights
jan2000  US Feet Markings
feb2000  USA Visit
jan2000  USDA permit for seeds
sep2000  Use of photos
oct2000  Useful database
apr2000  Utah Yucca
aug2000  uv and cultivation
apr2000  UV and metal halide
aug2000  UV blocking window glass
aug2000  UV Light
aug2000  UV Light/HID
sep2000  UV light/HID
aug2000  UV radiation
aug2000  UV, heat glass and problems
aug2000  UV-blocking glass
aug2000  UV-blocking glass - d 2361
jul2000  Vacancy at Arid Lands Greenhouses
aug2000  Vacation
feb2000  Valentines Day
apr2000  Valid name? Lemaireocereus eburneus, Tricho sp
jan2000  vanity, vanity
dec2000  Variegated Sansevierias
nov2000  Variegated Sansevierias
may2000  variegated???????
aug2000  Varmint
aug2000  Varmits?
aug2000  Vascular Plants of Utah (USU) Range Maps
feb2000  Veld&Flora delayed?
feb2000  Veliki sam
feb2000  Veliki sam (I am)
feb2000  Veliki sam (I am), in a pan, with green eggs and ham...
feb2000  Veliki sam (Who the heck is 'Sam'???)
dec2000  ventilation
dec2000  Ventilation /computer fans
dec2000  Ventilation in the greenhouse
nov2000  Ventilation in the greenhouse
dec2000  Ventilation in the greenhouse - item 2470/3
nov2000  Ventilation in the greenhouse - item 2470/3
jan2000  Veranstaltungskalendar
jan2000  Viewing ISI
may2000  virus alert
oct2000  Virus Warning
oct2000  VIRUS WARNING!!
feb2000  VIRUS WARNING!!!!
jul2000  Visit to Albuquerque
jan2000  Visit to Arizona
may2000  visit to Canada
jan2000  Visit to London
nov2000  Visit to Lotus Land..and a question
apr2000  Visit to St. Petersburg
feb2000  Visit to US
oct2000  Visit to West Palm Beach
dec2000  Vygies
jul2000  Walter Rausch
jul2000  want to travel for cactii in argentina ? 2-21 oct 2000
may2000  Wanted
feb2000  Wanted Rhipsalis natalensis
mar2000  Wanted: Euphorbia poissoni
feb2000  wants list
apr2000  War on mealies
may2000  warmth loving cacti
feb2000  Washing and pruning roots
jun2000  washing cacti
feb2000  washing plants
feb2000  washing roots
jan2000  watering
jan2000  watering again
feb2000  Watering cacti
jun2000  watering Pachypodium
may2000  Watering Regime and Potting Soils
aug2000  wave hill
sep2000  we are sorry (are we?)
feb2000  We have moved!
nov2000  Web address changes
aug2000  Web page updated, some
feb2000  Web Pages - XHTML, XML & Browser Standards
jul2000  Web pages updates, with some Agaves
jun2000  Web Site
may2000  Web Site
oct2000  web site
apr2000  web site photo additions
aug2000  web site succulent tissue culture
jul2000  web site update
jun2000  web site update
feb2000  Web site update & foreign langages
dec2000  web site updated
aug2000  Web Site URI change
mar2000  Web site: www.cactus-co.org
apr2000  Website update
aug2000  Website update
jun2000  website update
mar2000  website update
jun2000  website update for columnars
oct2000  website update:
nov2000  website updated
mar2000  Wedding
jul2000  Weed Control/outdoor cactus garden near Tallahassee, Florida
jul2000  Weingartia flowers
feb2000  Weird grafts
apr2000  Weird Weather
sep2000  Welcome to 'GSY-List'
sep2000  Well said Mr. Tsuh
jul2000  Welsh National Botanic Garden
may2000  Welwitschia
apr2000  Werner Rauh
oct2000  Werner Rauh's Book
jul2000  What am I doing wrong ?
mar2000  what flowering cues for Easter cacti?
nov2000  What is this?
may2000  what name on the label?
may2000  What to do now with my seeds.
may2000  what to do?
mar2000  what triggers growth
mar2000  what triggers growth - summary
mar2000  what triggers growth in cacti?
mar2000  what triggers growth, Easter cactus
mar2000  What triggers growth?
apr2000  What's blooming
jul2000  What's blooming
jun2000  What's blooming
may2000  what's blooming
apr2000  What's blooming, again
apr2000  what's flowering in your yard-thread
may2000  What's flowering, or climate in Tucson
jun2000  What's in bloom--
apr2000  what's-flowering-at-your-place-thread
mar2000  what's-flowering-at-your-place-thread
oct2000  What?(Roger Sieloff)
mar2000  Whatever happened to Cactus Bob?
may2000  Whats Blooming in the Utah West Desert
apr2000  Whats flowering at your place?
jul2000  Whats Fruiting
may2000  Whats your guess???
feb2000  When to start wateringmy cacti again.
jun2000  Where have all the subscribers gone?
jun2000  Where is everyone?
jun2000  Where is Johnny Bravo?
apr2000  where is Roger Sieloff
jul2000  Where to buy cacti ?
apr2000  Where to buy plants
may2000  where?
jun2000  Which Pereskia in Copenhagen BG?
apr2000  Which plants look good near cacti?
apr2000  which Rio?
jun2000  whining
sep2000  White flies
feb2000  white mold
oct2000  white Stenocereus
feb2000  white W. millii
sep2000  wholesale cacti
apr2000  Why columnar?
jul2000  Why columnar?
apr2000  Why columnar? [CactusBob]
may2000  Why do Saguaro arms bend?
apr2000  why does  a plant crest?
apr2000  why does a plant crest?
jun2000  Why so many changes in names
apr2000  Wiesbaden, flowering cacti etc
apr2000  Wild Collecting
jun2000  Willow tree in exchange for Escontria chiotilla
aug2000  Willy
aug2000  Willy and others
aug2000  Willy and others...
mar2000  Willy Verheulpen
aug2000  Willys address
aug2000  Willys face
oct2000  winter flowerers
jun2000  winter hardiness
jan2000  Winter hazards of cacti
jan2000  Winter hazards of succulents
sep2000  Wintering in Indiana
sep2000  Wintering in Michigan
sep2000  Wintering under lights
sep2000  Winterizing in Midwest USA
dec2000  Wishes
apr2000  with cacti?
sep2000  Wobbly Cacti
sep2000  women names
dec2000  words
nov2000  workshops on cochineal
apr2000  worried about cold and wet
sep2000  www.CactusBase.com news
aug2000  X Pacherocactus and Bergerocactus hybrids
aug2000  X Pacherocactus orcuttii
aug2000  X Pachygerocactus orcuttii...
oct2000  Xerosycios triparticus
jun2000  Xerotic crowd - Conference in Vancouver
jul2000  Xerotica's Revange...
sep2000  XFerobergia (was Re: L. principis flowers)
may2000  Xmas Cacti
apr2000  Xmas cacti in middle east
may2000  Xmas Cacti in Middle East & orchids
jul2000  Xochiti
aug2000  Y gloriosa/Y elephantipes
sep2000  Y recurvifolia
may2000  Yahoo! Auto Response
apr2000  YALUL*
jan2000  year end updates - hummingbird
nov2000  Year round bloom
oct2000  year round bloom
jan2000  Yearly Cold Tolerance
nov2000  Yellow hesperaloe
mar2000  Yellowing Cactus
apr2000  Yet another warning sign...
feb2000  You've got me becoming insatiable now!
mar2000  You've got me becoming insatiable now! (Opuntia fragilis)
dec2000  your mail
nov2000  Your site
apr2000  Yucca "gloriosa
apr2000  Yucca "gloriosa"
feb2000  Yucca (bella) Kuenzler/Taxonomy
mar2000  Yucca (bella) Kuenzler/Taxonomy
jun2000  Yucca - Keine Zeit fuer lange Statements-Zensur
apr2000  Yucca aloifolia hardiness
apr2000  Yucca baccata in bloom
feb2000  Yucca book etc.
mar2000  Yucca book I
mar2000  yucca booka
sep2000  Yucca elephantipes
apr2000  Yucca elephantipes!
nov2000  Yucca Filamentosae Serie -Commercials
nov2000  Yucca filamentosae Serie -Seeds etc.
feb2000  Yucca from seed
feb2000  Yucca from seed  etc.
apr2000  Yucca gloriosa
aug2000  Yucca gloriosa vs Yucca elephantipes
oct2000  Yucca grafting
jan2000  Yucca in soft drinks
jun2000  Yucca pollination
may2000  Yucca pollination
jun2000  Yucca rupicola /No Pediocactus locations in Canada
feb2000  Yucca-dehiscent fruited species frosthard in Europe/USA
mar2000  Yucca-dehiscent fruited species frosthard in Europe/USA
mar2000  Yuccaphilaphobia
mar2000  Yuccaphilophobia
nov2000  Yuccas
nov2000  Zamioculcas
oct2000  Zander
feb2000  Zdravo! Dobrodoslica Marija!
apr2000  Zimmerman's Dissertation
apr2000  Zimmerman's Doctoral Thesis
apr2000  Zimmermann Thesis
oct2000  Zygo/ Xerosycios triparticus
oct2000  Zygosicyos tripartitus
nov2000  [BBooks] Digest Number 423
oct2000  [BBooks] Digest Number 423
apr2000  [Caudex_etc] worried about cold and wet
mar2000  [Fat-Plants] CT C & S show
jun2000  [Fat-Plants] Fabaceae; Oxalis
jun2000  [Fwd: Any Interest from Calgary]
may2000  [Fwd: Any Interest from Calgary]
jun2000  [Fwd: subject madagascar palm]
may2000  [Fwd: Visit to Canada]
nov2000  [Fwd: [RHSA-2000:107-01] Updated bind packages fixing DoS
jul2000  [Kalanchoe_and_kin] Flowering?
apr2000  [Kinda OT] Things you didnt know about saguaro...
apr2000  [Lurkmode Off]
oct2000  [Mamm] Re: tubercle/areole propagation
oct2000  [Mamm] tubercle/areole propagation
mar2000  [MESEMBS] RE; :  Cactus Co-op
oct2000  [NTANews] Plea for mass elephant cull (Conservation and CITES)
aug2000  [Of topic] Bits and pieces
sep2000  [Opuntia] Opuntia lindheimeri
aug2000  [Opuntia_and_kin] Opuntioideae genus and all that again...
apr2000  [sanscollectors] Home Again, Home Again
oct2000  [South_American_Cacti] CACTUS TROPICAL GARDEN V2 / PRESENTATI
oct2000  [South_American_Cacti] CACTUS TROPICAL GARDEN V2 / PRESENTATION
aug2000  [SpamCop:(shjs@doramail.com) id:9474813] Open One # 8A2
jul2000  `Opuntia in East Texas